Parking zones to expand this year

While zones have helped parking in some areas, others are now more congested

The system of parking zones in Prague should continue to expand this year in Prague 5, 6 and 8. Zones might also be introduced in Prague 4 and 9.

Parking zones were introduced last year in parts of Prague 5, 6 and 8 and have helped to relieve parking problems where the zones are, but parking in adjacent areas that were not zoned became worse due to more nonresidents parking there, and residents have complained.

Prague 5 Mayor Radek Klíma says the city has agreed with the district to expand the parking zones in May, but only in certain places and not the entire district. The zones will newly be at Radlická, Plzeňská and Strakonická streets and in the neighborhoods of Košíře, Smíchov and Barrandov. More of the Prague 5 district will be added in the next wave after this one.

People in Prague 6 would also like to see the zones expanded, but the local administration is currently just seeking small changes. In the next five months the zones should be introduced to Bořislavka, Petřiny and Staré Vokovice.

Prague 8 is looking at an expansion in September, but does not envision having the whole district covered as parking in some areas is not problematic. In Střížkov the zones will be expanded between Žernosecká street and Ďáblický háj. These areas have seen an increase in parking from nonresidents who are taking public transportation into the center. District officials said they are surprised how far people are parking from public transportation hubs. There are also parking problems in the Bohnice and Čimice neighborhoods, but Prague 8 is seeking other solutions aside from zoning to solve the situation.

Prague 4 and 9 has also been looking at introducing parking zones, and had attempted to have them last year but ran into difficulties due to too many objections during the commenting procedure.

Prague 9 this year hopes to introduce mixed zones for residents that also allow nonresidents to park for up to 24 hours. City Hall objects that the parking rate, at Kč 10 per hour, is too low and they estimate it will lead to a financial loss of Kč 10 million per year. The Prague 9 Town Hall does not agree and has sent a letter to the City Hall, but has not yet received a response. Negotiations in Prague 4 are also ongoing.

Deputy Mayor Petr Dolínek says that the parking zones need to make sense from a perspective of transport for the entire city, and that they also have to reflect a consensus of the city district. He said that in Prague 4, for example, there was no consensus among the local administration. The city also needs to have places where people coming from outside the city can leave their cars.

Prague 4 Mayor Petr Štěpánek says his district has been overwhelmed since the introduction of zones in other districts last year. Drivers from Central Bohemia have been inundating Podolí, Nusle and Braník.

The whole city should come under one parking plan sometime in 2018, and pricing policies and monitoring systems can become more coordinated, Dolínek told the media.

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