Metro system use is up

Plans to reduce costs and maintain service are reportedly successful

Use of public transportation in Prague rose 9.56 percent in 2016 and overheard costs were reduced, according to figures released by the Prague Public Transit Co (DPP). DPP operates 142 bus lines, 33 tram lines and three metro lines. Last year, some 1.17 billion people used public transportation, or some 3.3 million every day. The DPP board of directors this week approved the financial statements for the year 2016.

The increased ridership, based on an analysis of ticket sales, and efforts to increase efficiency helped to reduce the cost by Kč 2.47 per vehicle-kilometer.

“Some time ago I clearly declared that the DPP must seek savings elsewhere than in the quality of transport or conditions for their employees. I am therefore pleased that it managed to reduce the price per kilometer,” said Prague Deputy Mayor Petr Dolínek (ČSSD), responsible for transport.

DPP CEO Martin Gillar said the trend for reducing costs while maintaining service levels would continue. “I am pleased that we have been able to meet the set strategy,” Gillar said.

The DPP announced a profit of Kč 1.86 billion in 2016. A year earlier the profit was Kč 1.26 billion. The DPP receives subsidies from the city of about Kč 11 billion per year.

The operating profit was Kč 261 million higher than planned. Direct operating expenses, after depreciation and other accounting costs, showed a savings of Kč 430 million.

DPP is a joint stock company owned by the City of Prague. It employs over 10,000 people, with more than 4,200 as public transport drivers. At the last count it operated 1,179 buses, 857 trams and 730 metro vehicles. Combined, they drive about 175 billion kilometers each year.

Last year the bus and tram lines were redesigned to make them more efficient and to better serve areas that had grown in population. There are also long-term plans to build a fourth metro line, though that has been faced with years of delays.

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