Tram ring proposed around Prague

Transportation outside the center could become more direct

To relieve tram congestion in Prague's center, tracks may be built in a circle around the city for new tram lines. The center is where most transfers take place, but in many parts of the center the tracks are at their capacity and new lines cannot be added, according to Ropid, which organizes public transportation.

The city is looking at creating tangential tracks that connect busy peripheral parts of town but avoid the city center. This plan relies on the construction of the proposed bridge Dvorecký most connecting Podoli to the lower part of Smíchov. An architectural competition for the final form of the bridge should take place later this year. Trams could use the bridge to go from Anděl to Pankrác, for example, via Jeremenkova Street.

Another place where tram tracks could be extended is across Michle and Bohdalec in the east of the city. The route could start in Jižní Město and go through through Spořilov, Vršovice, Želivského and up to Palmovka, where tram lines already run to Kobylisy.

Prague Institute of Planning and Development (IPR) spokesman Marek Vácha said that first a plan to develop the Bohdalec area has to be solidified. Currently, there is no consensus on where the tram route through these areas should exactly go. When Bohdalec is developed it could have up to 30,000 more residents. Now the area is a “wasteland,” according to the IPR.

The northern part of the city has poor connections between neighborhoods from Kobylisy through Bohnice and Troja to Dejvice. The IPR says that traveling in the area takes too many transfers and is too time consuming.

The route from Bohnice to Dejvice now takes over 40 minutes. The proposed tram routes would cut that down to 13 minutes with no changes. The route would also make it easier to reach the Prague Zoo. Tram lines already link Dejvice to Smíchov, completing the circle.

The tram lines would be much cleaner for the environment than buses, which now dominate transportation outside the city center.

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