Ferries restarting on Vltava

Boat across the river at six spots are part of the public transit system

Four ferry lines will return to the Vltava river on Saturday, March 25, after the winter break. The ferries are part of Prague's integrated public transportation system (PID).

The lines that are restarting are P5 Císařská louka - Výtoň - Náplavka Smíchov, P6 Nádraží Modřany - Lahovičky, P3 Lihovar - Veslařský ostrov, and P7 Pražská tržnice - Rohanský ostrov. Two other routes, P1 Sedlec - Zámky and P2 V Podbabě - Podhoří are already in operation, as they run all year.

The ferries can be used with any valid PID transit ticket, including cards such as Lítačka. Bicycles are allowed on the ferries and there is no extra charge, though space can be limited especially on weekends. The intervals between trips range from 15 to 30 minutes. Schedules are available online, but service runs from the early morning hours to after dark in most cases. There is no night service, so if you are planning a long bike trip be sure to check the time of the last ferry so you are not stranded on the wrong side of the river and forced to make a large detour.

The ferries are an overlooked method of public transportation. Prague 7 Deputy Mayor Ondřej Mirovský told daily Pražský deník that the ferry was the fastest way to get between Holešovice and Karlín, using on the Pražská tržnice - Rohanský ostrov route, which takes about five minutes from dock to dock. Other methods can take 20 minutes, he said.

More information on ferries can be found here: www.prazskebenatky.cz and portalpid.timetable.cz.

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