Night tram and bus numbers changing

New designations announced in January will take effect

Previously announced changes to public transportation will take effect Saturday, April 29. These include new numbers for night trams and more train service at peak hours. There will also be increased bus and tram service in the evening.

The most important change is that all of the night tram numbers will change from 50–59 to 90–99. This makes it easier to coordinate the transportation numbers with the Central Bohemia region. City night buses currently numbered in the 500 and 600 range will change to numbers in the 900s. The tram routes remain the same. Some night bus routes will change, and a new line 908 will be introduced, while line 513 will be eliminated as route 953 (formerly 603) will cover the same area.

Some politicians and people in the tourism industry were critical of the change as guidebooks and travel websites all contain the numbers starting with 5 for night transportation, and the numbering system has been in use for 30 years. Prague currently has nine night trams and 15 night buses. The number changes were announced in January.

Under the new system, daytime trams would be 1 to 26. The historical tram that was 91 is now 41. Electric buses and hybrid trolleybuses are 50 to 69. City buses are 101 to 250, city school buses are 271 to 299. Regional buses are 301 to 799, special lines and service routes are 801 to 899.

Metro trains will come more frequently in the evening from 9 pm to 10:30, with intervals dropping to 7.5 minutes from 10 minutes. Service will be increased at peak hours and on Fridays as well. On the A line, all trains will go to Nemocnice Motol, and on the C line they will all go to Letňany. Currently some of the trains stop short of the terminal station.

Some bus lines will also see increased service. On working days the interval will be shortened on 113, 119, 125, 136, 180 and 213 during weekdays. On weekends, the interval will be shortened on line 100, and on line 118 there will be longer, articulated buses.

Some lines are having changes in their stops. Some lines are being extended, and as a result other lines are being eliminated as the routes would be duplicated. Route 232 is replaced by the extended route 213; 265 is replaced by 226 and 228; 266 is replaced by 229; 267 is replaced by 226 and 227.

Some stops will also be renamed, and some will newly become request stops.

Prague has 142.4 km of tram tracks with 931 trams and over 20 daytime routes. Prague's first horsecar tram line opened in 1875, and the first electric tram was in 1891.

A complete list of the changes can be found here

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