Prague transit prices won't rise

City Hall has confirmed that annual coupons will remain cheap

The cost of an annual travel coupon won't increase, as City Hall as decided to keep it at the current level of Kč 3,650. The price was reduced two years ago in an effort to increase the use of public transportation, and the effort has been successful. The pilot project ends June 30, and the city had to decide whether to keep the reduced price or return to a higher level.

“This [lower] amount is now fully integrated into the public transport price list, meaning that it will no longer be in test mode but in continuous operation,” Prague Deputy Mayor Petr Dolínek (ČSSD) told the press.

Keeping the low price was supported by ANO, the Social Democrats and the Three-party Coalition (Greens, KDU-ČSL and STAN).

The price was lowered in June 2015, following up on campaign promises in the 2014 municipal elections. The annual coupon price was cut to Kč 3,650 from Kč 4,750, coming out to Kč 10 per day.

Since the introduction of the lower annual pass price, the annual number of journeys has increased as well as the number of pass holders. Journeys are up by 5.9 percent. Last year, some 348,444 bought annual coupons at the discounted price. The previous level around 170,000 per year at the higher price.

Last year the Prague Public Transit Company (DPP) recorded the revenues from annual coupons reached Kč 2.21 billion crowns including VAT, out of annual sales of Kč 4 billion.

City councilors are also looking into new fares for seniors and children. They are also looking into ways to get people from the Prague-East and Prague-West districts of Central Bohemia to use more public transportation when coming into the city, rather than driving cars.

In the time since the introduction of lower pass prices, the city has changed several bus and tram routes to optimize efficiency and reduce crowding. More metro service has been added at peak hours, and work has finally started on the Metro D line.

Newer models of trams have been put in service, and a pilot project is testing a modernized T3 tram, which if successful would allow for up to 90 rebuilt trams. Longer buses are planned for the route to Václav Havel Airport Prague.

A new card called Lítačka was introduced in 2016, and the previous OpenCard is being phased out. The card can hold the electronic annual pass and also is valid for discounts at some museums and other benefits. The cards can now also be purchased anonymously, in keeping with privacy laws.

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