Muzeum metro to close in one direction

Track repairs will last about five months at one of the busiest stations

Part of the Muzeum metro stop on the Green Line in Prague will be closed from July 11 for approximately five months, to Dec. 11, 2017. The closure will be in the direction of Depo Hostivař. Trains will pass through the station without stopping. The closure is so the tracks can be repaired.

Trains going in the opposite direction to Nemocnice Motol will still stop at the Muzeum station, so people who need to switch to the Red Line (C Line) from the Green Line (A Line) can still get to Muzeum by going a station further, and then backtracking. Muzeum is one of the busiest stations in the Prague.

This is not the only repair taking place. The Jinonice station on the Yellow Line (B Line) will remain closed until the middle of August to repair leaks and replace tiles. It has been closed since early January.

The Anděl station on the Yellow Line will see repairs to the escalators in the exit in the direction of the shopping malls, and these repairs should start in August and last nine months.

The station's elevator is designated for wheelchairs and baby carriages, and does not have the capacity for the general public. The other exit from the station is at the Na Knížecí side, which is a bit distant from the shopping malls at the other end.

The Red Line will have stations between Florenc and Pražského povstání closed in both directions between July 1 and 9. A substitute bus, XC, will be available for the route. Tram capacity will be increased along the route, with the number 6 tram having two carriages. The 17 line also follows some of the route.

People will be distributing information about the changes and alternative transportation options at the relevant stations.

And as happens each summer, tram tracks will also be fixed and trams will be rerouted on a number of lines.

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