Prague The Style Outlets to open in April

The discount fashion center has not yet announced any brand names

Another fashion outlet is set to open just outside of Prague in April 2018. The awkwardly named Prague The Style Outlets will be next to Václav Havel Airport Prague in a remodeled mall that was built in 2008 but never opened due to the financial crisis.

The mall will compete with the existing Fashion Arena Prague Outlet in Prague 10–Štěrboholy, and the newcomer is currently seeking brands to fill its 118 shops covering 20,000 square meters that will open in its first phase.

The outlet should have a mix of affordable, moderately expensive and several luxury brands, plus accessories and lifestyle goods. Some 75 percent to 80 percent of the retail space will be for fashion and the rest will be cuisine.

So far, the names of the tenants have not been announced by the owners, The Prague Outlet and Spanish developer Neivner, The outlet is Neivner’s first project in the Czech Republic.

Prague The Style Outlets manager Lenka Kholová said that the initial mix should be 80 percent international brands and 20 percent local. Luxury brands are likely to come into the mix later once the outlet becomes established. Kholová was appointed a manager in December 2017.

“I am convinced that Prague The Style Outlets will become a premium shopping destination for residents and tourists alike, bringing together a top commercial mix, a complete offer of value-added services for customers and an enjoyable environment. The center will also be part of the European portfolio of Neinver, the industry-leading benchmark for outlet management,” Kholová said when she was named manager.

Sebastian Sommer, Neinver’s Business Development Director Europe, said previously that in eight to 10 years the outlet could have up to 15 percent luxury brands but that these names would not be interested at the time of the opening.

“The center will introduce the Czech Republic and its retail-savvy shoppers to the unique The Style Outlets experience. The attractive, welcoming environment and a complete offer of value-added services for customers will round out the center's commercial mix,” Sommer said in a press release in November.

“The opening of Prague The Style Outlets coincides with the completion of the center's upgrade and refurbishment, and the addition of public-service areas to ensure that the new scheme provides a totally new customer experience,” he added.

The Czech Republic has fewer outlet centers per capita than cities in Western Europe. In addition to Fashion Arena, there is Freeport Fashion Outlet at Hatě near Znojmo.

Fashion outlets sell name-brand fashions and accessories at a discount. Usually, the items are from the previous year’s collection or older.

The center involved an investment of over €70 million. When complete, it should generate about 600 to 700 direct jobs.

Prague The Style Outlets will be the largest outlet center in the Czech Republic, the first phase will feature almost 20,000 square meters of the gross leasable area (GLA), 118 units and 2,400 parking spaces. Phase 2 will boost the total space to 30,000 sqm of GLA and 190 units. The new outlet will also include a play corner, park, free Wi-Fi and VAT refund service in an environment inspired by historic Prague.

The outlet center is less than five minutes from Václav Havel Airport, and 25 minutes from the city center and indirect connection to the D7 motorway. The catchment area, meaning the potential customers within easy access range, is 4.6 million people.

The space was set to open in 2008 as Galeria Moda. It was all but completed when the original investors ran into financial trouble. It was built with a kilometer of hidden service corridors so stores can be restocked almost invisibly and had other attractive design features.

The mall also has glass skylights covering all the pedestrian areas, allowing in lots of natural light. This is not only energy efficient, but it also makes for a much more pleasant shopping experience.

The outlet has 2,000 covered parking spaces and 500 more that are in the open. The shopping area is elevated, and cars can park under the stores but on ground level.

The entrance had to be redesigned to make the center more visually impressive from the outside. All of the interior space, which had a very dated sci-fi look, had to be redesigned.

Prague The Style Outlets was originally scheduled to open in fall 2015 with just 12,000 sqm of shops in the first phase, but the date was pushed back several times for undisclosed reasons.

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