Buying a Swimming Pool

Advertising Feature: Costing about the same as a foreign holiday and requiring relatively little maintenance, a backyard pool is a realistic option

This article was provided by ALBION Group.

Why should I buy a swimming pool and what kind should I get?

More and more of us are asking these questions. We can offer some relevant information that should provide you with the answers.

A swimming pool is a place where you can choose between active and passive relaxation. But it is also the ideal place for your children to let off steam or a place for you to hold a party with friends.

Swimming helps to significantly improve your physical condition, helps to strengthen muscles -- above all the back muscles -- and is also an effective way of losing weight.

Swimming pool accessories and extras will transform your pool into a home fitness centre (counter currents) or relaxation centre (massage jets). Thanks to heat pumps, you can use the pool from March to February with minimal costs for heating the water.

Even maintenance is no longer demanding these days.

There are several basic methods, such as chlorine or oxygen bleaches, which require some time on your part, right through to methods that are practically automatic, such as UV lamps, ionizers and water treatment with the aid of sea salt. These chlorine-free treatments take up practically none of your time at all, the water will be perfectly treated and clean, and you can enjoy your fun in the water.

The market currently offers a huge range of designs and materials, from pool sheeting and laminate pools through to so-called "plastic" swimming pools.

The largest manufacturer of swimming pools in the Czech Republic, ALBION Group, a.s., has introduced a new type of material, Albistone, specially developed and tested for the construction of swimming pools.

More specifically, this is a block thermoplastic polymer–Polywooplen copolymer, characterized, among other things, by its high mechanical durability and flexibility, which are required for the construction of interesting swimming-pool shapes.

The costs relating to the implementation of your own relaxation centre are comparable with the price of a foreign holiday. But, unlike a holiday, the benefits of this investment will be felt and used for many years to come. Your children will still be using Albistone swimming pools when they grow up.

This article was provided by ALBION Group. For contact details, see ALBION Group's Prague Directory listing.

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