Prague in Depth: Shopping - Antique Shops & Bazaars

Get to know the Czech retail environment

Antiques (Starožitnosti)
Antique shops sell an array of old gold, silver, crystal, china, cameras and furniture.

For the shrewd and knowledgeable antique-hunter, these places can be a treasure trove, and even if you're a novice, they're sometimes fun to browse around in.

Bazaars and Pawn Shops (Bazar a Zastavárna)
Bazaars are a good option for picking things up cheaply but have a reputation for selling stolen goods.

Stop by often if you're looking for a good deal, because there's a rapid turnover of merchandise in these places.

If you need quick cash, you can also sell your personal effects at a bazaar -- but you'll have to present ID first.

As the name suggests, most bazaars carry a variety of items but some specialize in a particular area:

Elektronika (Electronic Goods)
Sell everything from car radios and televisions to kettles and hair dryers. Some stores have a wider selection than others, and there are usually great bargains to be found if you don't mind buying used goods.

Domácí Spotřebiče (Home Appliances)
Great if you're looking for a refrigerator, washing machine, microwave oven, etc.

Auto Bazar (Used Vehicles)
Vehicles here are quite cheap, and you will find that buying a car just to run around in may fit your budget

I recommend you stop in at a bazaar before making any major purchases. I've bought mobile phones and SIM cards, a great little freezer for my flat and a bike from bazaars. Some bazaars are better than others, but they're great for shrew buyers looking for bargains.

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