Tetley: Prepare Yourself a 'Perfect Cuppa' Tetley Tea

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If you want to prepare your tea scientifically, follow the equation created by the experts at Tetley:

A perfect cup of tea = (T + V) + (H²0 @ >98.5 °C) 2 minutes + S + oSt

Or follow the step-by-step instructions:

1. Prepare one tea cup and one Tetley tea bag

2. Bring freshly poured cold water to the boiling point. The water should have a temperature of at least 98.5° Celsius. The high temperature of the water ensures proper release of the flavor and fragrance from the leaves. Do not use water that has already boiled once because this decreases the oxygen content in the water; oxygen is essential for proper infusion of the tea.

3. Pour the boiling water over the tea bag and leave it to infuse for two minutes. Use a teaspoon to press the tea bag against the wall of the cup for two seconds. Mix the contents of the cup and press the tea bag again; this will ensure perfect infusion of the tea. Take the tea bag out of the cup.

4. If you enjoy your tea in the English style, add milk at the end. We recommend an optimal amount of 16 milliliters of milk for a standard 270-milliliter cup. Always add the milk after infusion of the tea! Otherwise, the milk would reduce the temperature of the water and the tea would not be able to infuse at the proper temperature.

One more piece of advice at the end: Boil only the amount of water that you need for your cup of tea. This will save energy and reduce your CO2 footprint!


A real expert on good tea is arriving in the Czech Republic. Tetley is a phenomenon in British tea culture and one of the biggest companies on the global market. This British company, which introduced the mass use of tea bags into Europe, is currently presenting only part of its extensive portfolio in the Czech Republic. These products will include intense black tea, green tea with interesting flavors and exclusive special loose Christmas teas.

Tetley is a name at the very peak of tea culture, which it has been enriching for over 170 years. It is the largest tea company in Great Britain. Almost 160 million cups of tea are drunk there every day, of which every fifth cup is Tetley tea. We can thank Tetley for the tea bag, which the company introduced after the Second World War for customers in the war-torn European market. The newest great tea innovation, the round tea bag, which took many years and much investment to develop, was also introduced by Tetley.

Over its long history, the original Tetley company has changed owners several times; however, the most important strategic partner entered the company only in 2000. At that time, the company was purchased by the Tata Tea group, a subsidiary of Tata Group, the largest and most respected Indian company in the world. By purchasing Tetley, Tata Tea became the second largest tea company on the planet. It had a turnover of 1.07 billion USD in 2008 to 2009 and the group had 2,900 employees.

Tetley manufactures over 18 billion tea bags annually, enough to extend around the world 20 times. Every year, the company purchases enough bagging material to reach to the moon and back five times.

The Tetley brand offers Czech tea lovers teas to meet their taste -- black and green, loose and in bags. The range will include especially two kinds of packaged teas in bags in the Intensive series, which are intended for everyday use and will provide customers with an intense experience of a mellow tea with rich fragrance. Five kinds of genuine green tea will satisfy the current demand for healthy beverages. The green teas are packaged in ingenious air-tight boxes, protecting the aroma, and practical round infusion tea bags. Last but not least, Tetley is placing special gift packages of the best-quality loose teas on the Czech market, to provide enjoyment through their excellent quality.

Information on new Tetley teas
Tetley Black Tea
Tetley Intensive
The intense flavor and fragrance of pure black tea. This tea is based on Assam tea, a mellow tea from the fertile valley around the Brahmaputra river. The unique climate and soil and hand picking, taking place only several weeks a year, give Assam teas an intense, deep flavor and bright color.

Tetley Earl Grey Intensive
An intense experience with the popular black tea composition created by Earl Charles Grey. The flavour and aroma are exceptionally intense thanks to the elevated content of bergamot oil.

It is recommended that both varieties have a retail price of 32 CZK. These teas will be available in stores from October 2009 in packages of 25 two-gram bags with strings.

Tetley green tea
This tea is available in Earl Grey, jasmine, mint, honey with lemon and ginseng and pure green tea varieties.

Sold in packages of 24 two-gram round bags in air-tight boxes to protect the aroma of the teas.

The recommended retail price for all varieties is 39 CZK, available at Interspar, Globus and other stores.

Tetley special Christmas package
Four variants of the best-quality loose tea in special gift packages -- green tea, Darjeeling, Earl Grey and Ceylon tea.

It is recommended that all variants have a retail price of 65 CZK. The packages contain 100 grams of loose tea.

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