Prague will collect Christmas trees

Nor that the holidays are over, trees should be disposed of properly

Czech tradition is to get rid of the Christmas tree around Three King’s Day, which falls on Jan. 6. Prague’s waste services expect to collect some 300,000 trees. If disposed of properly they can be turned into mulch of have other post-holiday uses.

The city will collect trees until the end of February. But dried out trees should be disposed of sooner than that as they can pose safety hazards.

Trees should not be put in regular garbage containers or mixed together with other trash, as they take up too much space both in the containers and in collection trucks.
Instead, the trees should be placed along side public garbage containers or mixed waste containers.

If someone lives in an apartment building or private house that does not have mixed waste containers accessible from the street, they can leave the tree at the closest set of recycling containers for sorted waste.

Trees will be picked up separately on the normal days for collecting trash.

The trees are then processed and some of them are turned into mulch or other components for the gardening industry. The unsuitable or unclean trees, with too many stray decorations left on, are put into mixed waste to be turned into energy at the Malešice incinerator.

Used Christmas trees should not be disposed of in the forest. Wild animals eat the branches, and if metal or plastic parts like hooks or tinsel are left on, the animals might ingest it and die as a result.

This all applies to natural wooden trees.

If you need to get rid of a large artificial tree, you have to take it to a collection yard, as you would have to do with any other large items.

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