La Femme Mimi

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Štěpánská, on the whole, doesn't have a lot to offer a girl that isn't working for a certain service industry (use your imagination). However, glance across the street from the Radisson and you will find a gem in the middle of the city center.

La Femme Mimi was started five years ago by Nguyen Hoang Lan, as a way of creating beautiful things for women whilst holding true to the ideas bestowed upon her by her Vietnamese upbringing. Lan mixes fabrics like cotton and silk to create a design that is distinctively European with a touch of exotic Vietnam.

The collections, on the whole, are small but don't let this discourage you, as what she makes, she makes beautifully. Sizes are relatively simple to figure out -- small through large. However, smalls are definitely roomy so keep this in mind when trying them on, as alterations may be needed.

La Femme Mimi also showcases the talents of local Czech artisans. Notable names like Jane Bond, a professional hair accessories designer; Tamarchi beaded jewelry; Ether, specializing in leather goods like handbags and headbands; and Malíská, specializing in porcelain brooches and earrings, will make you think differently about Czech design and fashion.

The Spring 2011 Collection
Lightweight skirts in either corduroy or raw silk are perfect for the cool spring months that Prague seems to love. A zebra corduroy skirt with a cinched belt caught my eye when visiting their store but what really struck me was the lining -- silk polka-dotted in a daring, vibrant red! There is also a denim sailor jacket, complete with a hood that is more for aesthetics and less for function.

If denim isn't your scene then you can always opt for the khaki-and-white cotton/silk blend jacket, with its more grown-up floral pattern and mother-of-pearl buttons. If it's accessories you are after, La Femme Mimi also does its own line of belts, clutches, hobos, and wallets that continue with the eclectic style that has begun to define her as a designer. Looking for something other than a black Samsonite to carry your work laptop and goodies in? The "Mimi Loves Rosie" bag (pictured; available in three other colors (3,996 CZK)) is one accessory that is cute and functional! Made from sheepskin with a silk, taffeta interior lining and hand-embroidered silk rosettes, it's definitely a must-have for the working woman who wants a stylish and unique look.

La Femme Mimi
Štěpánská 51
Prague 1
Phone: (+420) 775 665 386

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