Spring 2011 Men's Fashion Preview

Concluding her round-up of the new season's trends, Heather O'Brien looks at menswear

Oh my darling men of the Czech Republic. While you gather in pubs drinking your fabulous Czech beer and reminiscing about your ski holidays in one of the many Czech mountain resorts, it's time for you to start thinking about your spring wardrobe. I know buying clothes might mean, gasp, that you spend more time in a store in the center than outside in the country, but I promise... the lovely ladies of the Czech Republic would be so grateful if you could just take a quick peak and update your wardrobe to something that doesn't involved camping clothes.

Punk Rock Turned All Grown Up

From left to right: Alexander McQueen; Prada; Smalto

I know it's a bit of a contradiction, but so is the fashion industry. Have you ever seen Zoolander?

The idea here, of course, is not to dress head-to-toe in punk rock as, let's face it, you've probably joined the corporate world and now "The Man" is helping you pay for your flat. Whether or not you like The Clash or The Sex Pistols, the black leather jacket is always a fashion staple, but this season punch in some color -- orange, cobalt blue, neon yellow -- to really get this trend looking manlier and less underground London.


From left to right: D & G; Costume Nationale; Etro

Those of you who think "military" means having to wake up extra early for hours of grueling training will be pleasantly surprised to learn that you only need some basic clothes in your wardrobe (no PT required) to really reach this trend for Spring.

For instance, why not buy a well-made trench coat (double-breasted, please) of the sort originally worn by French and British soldiers in World War I. Stick with natural colors like khaki, olive, and slate gray to preserve your clothing choices for future trends. A three-quarter zip pullover is also an easy way to get the military and nautical look (see below) in one, and given that everyone from High End to High Street will be doing it, it will also be very nice on your wallet.

Nautical Ahoj!

From left to right: Daiki Suzuki (for Woolrich Woolen Mills); Salvatore Ferragamo; Michael Kors

Yes, I know living in a landlocked country makes it kind of hard to justify buying into this trend. However, most of us will at least attempt to get to some body of water this summer and, let's be honest, your hiking clothes won't work on the boardwalk. An outfit of a fisherman's sweater in lightweight cotton or cashmere with linen pants and braided brown belt will pass your first test by being both comfortable and stylish. Add a nautical-striped shirt (no, you will not look like you just left St. Tropez), jeans that are long and wide, and pair it with a pair of boat shoes or jute shoes. (Jute looks like hemp when it is dried.) Need to look super stylish? A navy blue suit with a crisp white shirt and brown accessories will always make you look like you spent a mint.

Man About Town - His Business Cards Just Say "I'll Call You"

From left to right: Etro; Smalto; Louis Vuitton

Preppy neon and colored chinos (pink, red, orange, yellow -- think the colors of the rainbow) paired with a white linen shirt, a cool cotton blazer, and a pair of hip loafers will have all the pretty girls taking turns to glance your way. For once, it's <em>you</em>, dear man, that gets to be checked out and eyed up and down. Washed-out denim jeans, rolled at the bottom, mixed with a paisley long-sleeved shirt will make us think that perhaps you are, in fact, the most interesting man in the world. Who knows, for once it might be the lady walking down the street that asks for your number, or to join you at an outdoor café, rather than you having to do all the hard work yourself.

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