Boho Pop Up Store

A temporary vintage/retro fashion boutique springs up in Vršovice

Vintage. It's a word that has been assaulted lately by the media, bloggers and people who are unsure of exactly what it means. So, for the sake of stopping confusion, here is the actual meaning of “Vintage": Vintage clothing is generally considered to be at least 20-30 years old; meaning anything made before 1986. Garments and accessories made before the 1920s are considered "Antique" and usually carry a bigger price tag. Finally, "Retro" or retrospective, is any garment made after the "Vintage" period. Retrospective means "vintage-like," taking inspiration from vintage pieces. One would argue that most designers produce "retro" clothing; just look back at the '70s-inspired maxi dresses of summer.

OK, so now that we have cleared that up, let's focus on the reason. Pop-up stores have recently become a phenomenon in the Czech Republic. Yes, they are big in London, New York, Los Angeles, and Berlin, but it seems that Prague has finally caught the bug of no-commitment rent; it is one gift that the recession left us.

The Boho Pop Up Store opened in a space adjacent to the Czech Inn in Prague 10-Vršovice and is the brainchild of Patricia Madarova. While many pop-up stores have white walls similar to those found in insane asylums, the Boho Pop Up Store is homey. The furniture, which has been used and loved, works as a backdrop and plays second fiddle to the clothing and accessories, which are carefully placed around the store. In the corner stands a white partition, inviting speculation as to its original purpose. For a boudoir, perhaps? Old suitcases and trunks, reminiscent of a 1940s Humphrey Bogart movie are placed next to the white partition and, for what they are, are pretty inexpensive. Suitcases with their original clasp closures are priced from 390 CZK. It is genuinely like stepping back in time.

There are vintage and retro medicine bags that are made from both real leather and vinyl but, unless you are an expert, you would be hard-pressed to really see the difference. Of course this fall/winter 2011 saw a return to a more structured, ladylike bag -- preferably in an exotic skin (crocodile, lizard, pony hair, etc.). Of course, the great thing about vintage handbags is simply that faux crocodile looks like a clone of the real thing. Plus the bags at Boho are approximately 600 CZK and upward. Not a bad price when similar items go for two times that on eBay.

For men, there was an abundance of silk ties with paisley prints, keyhole prints, and geometric shapes. There was also a plethora of ascots that allude to that bygone era of the well-dressed man. Perhaps our "well-dressed man" will finally be repeated in the "Nouveau Preppy" trend that should be hitting stores in coming weeks. Men's clothing was due to arrive at the Boho store today (Friday, August 5, 2011), so if you are looking to scoop up a shirt, this would be the time to do it.

Pop-up stores, and this one included, are only open for a short period; in this case, two weeks. The Boho pop-up store's closing Bang-Bang party will be next Thursday (August 11, 2011) and will be your last chance to pick up rare vintage finds from around the former Czechoslovakia, London flea markets and elsewhere. Well, last time for this location but, having spoken to Patricia, I feel sure that she will "pop up" again somewhere in the city soon!

Boho Pop Up Store
Francouzská 76
Prague 10-Vršovice

Open: Mon to Sun 11:00 - 19:00

Official Facebook Page

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