Review: Marni for H&M

Heather O'Brien casts a critical eye over the Italian designer's chain-store collection

The Marni for H&M collection went on sale at the Prague branch of the international chain in the Myslbek center, just off Na Příkopě, yesterday (Thursday, March 8, 2012).

The store held an invite-only "preview" the previous day. Here is the quickest review of a collection you will ever read, in the unwavering hope that it will help you make a decision about whether or not you should visit Myslbek over the weekend.


Dresses: The silk dresses (the ones in the campaign) are not lined so please keep this in mind should you go with a more neutral color-- you will need to purchase a slip (preferably silk). With the darker colors you should be able to get away without a slip without everyone seeing your "goods".

Color-Blocked Silk Dress

Mod Silk Dress


Tunics: Silk, and really wonderful, though some of the sewing was a bit erratic. Cotton was not my favorite and didn't "lay" well on the body. The geometric designs and shape are modern and the fabric has movement. If there are any left, grab one.

Silk Tunic

Silk Maxi Dress


Shorts: Surprisingly I loved the PJ-style shorts when I finally tried them on in the fitting room (after waiting 20 minutes in line). The neutral color was nice even on my pale skin and the designs were quirky and fun.

Silk Shorts


Skirts: Another one of my favorites -- a steal at around 1,400 CZK for a brocaded skirt. Thought the pleating in the front added a dimension to the skirt I wish it would have gone around to the back. Silk collection not lined (sigh).

Silk Skirt

Silk Skirt With Front Pleats


Trousers/Pants: Comfortable PJ-style bottoms that were effortlessly chic. The brocaded trousers are wonderful as well, and can be easily dressed up or down depending upon shoes and top -- easy to mix and match into your wardrobe.

Brocaded Trousers

Silk Trousers


Shirts/Blouses: Silk/cotton cardigan and V-neck shirts were the biggest winners in my book. They are chic, easy to wear, and by far the best deal out of the collection. If you are going to buy anything then I highly recommend getting your hands on these!

Silk/Cotton Cardigan

V-Neck Silk Shirt


Jackets: Sigh... Overpriced, although I loved the material and they were lined. I suppose I just can't fathom why you'd spend the equivalent of $210 for a jacket/coat from H&M.

Structured Geometric Cotton Jacket

Silk Anorak Hoodie


Accessories: The earrings are clip-ons (shame, really), the bracelets were nice, the necklaces took the cake, the purses were the same old hat but much more expensive than their usual H&M counterparts, and the shoes were lovely and at the same prices you'd find at Baťa or Humanic.

Tote Bag: perfect for the beach or summer

Leather High-Heeled Shoes

Marni Earrings

Marni Necklace


Overall Impressions: The opening was crowded with hordes of Marni-fanatics stuffing their “shopping” bags full of clothes in different sizes. One girl we saw had three shopping bags filled to the brim with the same styles -- apparently she was concerned that her size would be gone should she go back upstairs. The silks were nice but the cotton tunics and shirts were first-year sewing. The accessories were creative and interesting and I believe that you could get a lot of wear out of them. Far and away my favorites were the silk tops, the silk skirts, the brocaded skirts and the silk shorts/trousers. If you have the patience to stand in line, do so -- you won't be disappointed.

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