Dessous I Dessus Fashion Show - Good Girls wear Sexy lingerie

Imagine a world where money isn’t an issue, where one could clothe their most important ‘assets’ with silk, satin, and lace. Where when you take off your clothes in the evening you look just as sultry and stunning as all of the lingerie ads would lead you to believe.

Dessous I Dessus’s fashion show, introduced a more robust collection of well-known luxury brands from France, Italy, Spain, Denmark, and Germany. The store, which now takes up the entire 5th floor of Dum Mody- at the top of Vaclavske namesti-looks to add class and sophistication to the world of lingerie.

Prim and proper brands like Prima Donna and Marie Jo Haute Collection were full of floral lace and brighter colors like hot pink, cobalt blue, and turquoise.  The cuts and bodies were traditional with classic boyshorts, bikini briefs and push-up and non push-up brasiere’s available. Some of the styles had lurex thread or embroidery and some were more t-shirt friendly than others.  The Marie Jo Haute Collection was certainly better for an every-day lingerie set with loads of solid colors bra’s that pushed up a more comprehensive you- not adding  Hollywood D-list star support.

Luxury was holding court with Spanish designer Andres Sardas whose collection stayed with more muted tones than eye-popping summer colors.  The designer is for those who live in a constant state of luxury- Mushrooms, violets, eggplants all created a luxurious picture of what the modern woman should be wearing underneath her clothes. One of my favorite pieces during the fashion show was a silk bodysuit in a floral pattern with these muted colors- elegance and the bodysuit have never looked better.

The show-stopping lingerie line had to belong to that of Marlies Dekkers with her now internationally well-known line Undressed being the stand-out winner! It’s not that the patterns were outrageous, (they weren’t) or that there was some new fabric idea that made one suddenly drop 5 kilos (also absent). What made this line by far one of the best was the actual body and silhouette of the design. How could one not feel sexy with a bra that instantley builds cleavage with out the help of water or extra padding. The shop is worth visiting just on Marlies Dekkers’ designs alone and I can almost promise you will be tempted to buy one before leaving.

Swimwear were full of classic cuts and styles that were suitable for every age range and body type. Sure if you weight 50 kilos/100pounds everything will look good on you, but the flattering shapes only enhanced assets and did a fine job of hiding the problem areas we all have- imaginery or actually real. Maryan Mehlhorn has by far the biggest selection for styles, colors and bodies- the push-up with normal bikini bottom and one-piece with a low back seemed to be the favorites. The German brand, Charmline- which created a revolutionary style known for making you look 1 dress size slimmr- was for a woman of a certian age or those of us who are not comfortable showing off our tummy’s.

Dessous I Dessus is a wonderful store with a wide variety of colors, silhouettes, and hard-to-find sizes suitable for every woman. The prices are a bit more expensive than other lingerie stores in Prague, but I believe firmly that it is worth it! he brands are established and the store assistants were helpful- plus you can check out the Marlies Dekkers bra- I’m already saving up!


Read more from Heather O'Brien on her Prague Fashion Blog.

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