Mirror Mirror on the wall am I the most beautiful Czechoslovak Top Model of them all?

Simona Krainová creates competition for a CzechoSlovak Top Model

Eva Herzigová, Daniela Peštová, Simona Krainová- these are names that I can remember as I flipped through countless Vogues, Elles, and Harper’s Bazaars in the United States. These were more than just names for me, they were the ambassadors of world fashion.

As a young girl I dreamed of becoming a model, the allure of travel, make-up, beautiful clothes, and parties was almost intoxicating!  But when my height (I am 5’6″ or 168cm) guaranteed that I would never be sauntering down the runway, I gave up my dream and pursued the ‘other side’ of fashion.

In a country obsessed with top-modelka’s, there is hope for the young fresh faces to break into the industry that my height never allowed me to pursue. In 2013 Simona Krainová, the beauty and face behind this year’s Prague Fashion Weekend, will launch the CzechoSlovak Top Model competition.

Simona Krainova at the CzechoSlovak Top Model press conference at the  Mandarin Oriental Hotel
Simona Krainova at the CzechoSlovak Top Model press conference at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel

The rules are pretty straight forward - you must be between the ages of 13 and 19 and have a minimum height of 174 cm or 5’8″. Castings for the event will take place in selected cities throughout the Bohemian and Moravian regions, as well as Slovakia, between September and October 2013. The winner, whom I’ve heard will be rewarded with some pretty sweet prizes, will be announced in a grand ceremony which will take place in Prague at the end of November 2013!

For more information (in Czech language) including rules and forms click HERE.


Read more from Heather O'Brien on her Prague Fashion Blog.

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