Simple Concept Store and LaFormela Team Up for Spring 2013

Czech Design Trio covers your Spring 2013 Trends

Starting April 2nd, LaFormela, the design trio of Czech and Slovak origin, will begin selling their standout Spring/Summer 2013 line “Good News from the East Palace” in Simple Concept Store. Their breakout success at Prague Fashion Weekend 2012, has culminated with their work gracing the pages of Elle, InStyle, and Dolce Vita, and has just about every stylist in the Czech Republic has been clamoring to get their little mitts on it for other editorial spreads.

Some fourteen or so pieces, from the regular collection, will be chosen by the merchandising director of Simple which will undoubtedly satisfy your Asian influence trends for Spring/Summer 2013. The collection is filled with plenty of ice cream-colored hues and pastels that are far from your typical demure spring collections.

Simple Concept is known for bringing in both new and established talent. Libena Rochova and Antipearle are just a few of the most recent designers to have had their collections shown in store. What will be different this time is that Simple is allowing LaFormela to dress their own windows and create an installation for their brand. So, what type of window should we expect from the trio? We’ve been told it will include  buckets of color dripping down towards the floor like a massive painting job gone wrong creating surely, a cornucopia of color. Mixed in for good measure will be their muse, Zhou Fang, who was the main source of inspiration behind their line.

For a review of their line shown at Prague Fashion Weekend, click HERE

Read more from Heather O'Brien on her Prague Fashion Blog.

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