The Post Office guide will help you navigate your way through the Czech postal system

As a foreigner in the Czech Republic it can be difficult to navigate your way through the Czech postal system. Not only is the general system of the post office potentially different from your home country but also the language barrier creates an obstacle, especially since it is not common for Czech postal workers to speak English.

When you enter the post office you will meet your first challenge, a machine where you choose an option that fits your purpose for being there, and the appropriate number will be printed, depending on which counter will be able to help you.

The process receiving parcels are another problem for foreigners in the Czech Republic. Depending on the country of origin, and value of the parcel will determine the process of receiving your package in the Czech Republic.

For example, if your parcel comes from a European Union member state, there is no customs or clearance necessary. Consignments from other countries will be directed to the Post Office of Exchange, and go through the customs clearance procedure.

You will have to sign an authorization form that gives the Czech Post the authority to as your clearance agent. Once the package has been cleared, you will be informed via post and you can pick up the parcel from the assigned post office. You will have to pay duty fees, as well as fees for the Czech post acting as your clearance agent.

For more detailed information on the Czech Republics post office and helpful tips please see the full article: Post Office in the Czech Republic.

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