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Seven-seater SUV for Prague streets and perfect for the weekend warrior

Welcome to our new series of car reviews on Prague.TV - Tony Mikes tests local sold cars to see if they fit your needs and how to drive them on Czech streets. First car we tested for you, seven-seater SUV Nissan X-Trial.

I had the opportunity to try out the new Nissan X-Trail this past week on the mean streets of Prague and was pleasantly surprised by the all-round performance of this sleek pony. I have to say it was a refreshing change to drive a mid-sized vehicle in the city and even though the Nissan X-Trail is not as large as I might have imagined, I did notice the difference when it came to parking. My very common family wagon slides easily into our parking garage, in comparison the first couple of forays underground with the X-Trail were tight! Luckily for me the model I tested came equipped with 360 degree video, a clear winner in my mind. It was great having a birds-eye-view when entering tight spaces or trying to park on the street.

For the family focused reader I have to say, that sitting high in traffic and being able to see over the car in front of me during my morning commute was certainly a plus. I most definitely felt safer being up high off of the ground and I barely felt those bumps on the way through town. The Active Ride Control system smoothed out those rougher patches, while the Chassis Control was clearly helpful when racing round corners at (perhaps) high speeds. Switching it off allowed the car to roll slightly and corner somewhat poorly in comparison. Those who have experienced the Czech road conditions will find these additional systems a blessing!

The interior of the X-Trail is pleasantly spacious and those sitting in the middle row have an unobstructed panoramic view, plenty of light due to the panoramic sun roof and very comfortable seating. The trunk area, while family sized, has little more carrying capacity than a standard wagon due to the fact that a full sized spare is tucked under the third row of folding seats. This causes the bed of the trunk to be flush with the bumper. Aspiring coaches will, however, find the third row of seats handy for the little ones.

Generally speaking for those who are considering a larger vehicle the X-Trail is the perfect car for the weekend warrior. It has plenty of thanks to the turbo to be able to pass slower trucks on the highway, it has a turning radius of a much smaller car and plows though the rough streets of Central Europe with ease. The elegant style merges with the integrated systems to ease your driving experience, while the cushy seats cradle your torso- even when you decide to take advantage of the off-road characteristics of the X-Trail and hop a curb.

The throaty sound of the 1.6 liter turbo diesel under the hood gives the impression of a car which dreams of bigger and better things than the city can provide. My three month old loved the throaty purr of the engine and promptly fell asleep in his tiny car seat. Lifting his carriage into the back, in contrast, took considerably more effort.

The little details provided by Nissan to accentuate the vehicles usability are nice; these include an easy to use GPS system, electronic parking break, automatic stop-start capabilities as well as lane assist. The large multi-functional touch screen is not only intuitive and highly responsive but it is great for highlighting and clearly showing when I was too close to the passenger side. It automatically switched modes and displayed that side more prominently and highlighted how much space was available.

Generally the X-Trail was pleasant to drive, has great cornering and parking characteristics and has a peppy 1.6 liter turbo diesel that can really hold its own. The car picks up speed more quickly than I had expected and when pushed, delivers a good amount of torque. By dropping down a gear I was easily able to pass a large cargo truck while doing 100km/hr. The 6th gear ensures that the engine doesn’t have to strain much; I was able to do 100km an hour with the engine at only 2200 rpm, you will be thankful for the reduced consumption! All in all the X-Trail has plenty of power for weekend trips out of town or for the occasional ski trip to the Alps.

I would definitely recommend the X-Trail. It is a great multipurpose vehicle that would come in handy for those weekend trips out of town or soccer moms who want to keep the kids safe. The add-on features are effective and non-intrusive while the large skylight gives you an airy feeling and makes the spacious interior feel even more expansive. There is even plenty of leg room for those sitting in the middle row. I can’t say the same about the third row, but I suppose you can’t expect much space in a mid-sized cross over. The large tires were much appreciated when curb hopping and prevented those pesky potholes from dampening my ride. 

Nissan X-Trail
1.6 dci 96 kW (320N.m)

Engine: 1,598 cc, four-cylinder diesel engine with turbo
Max. Power: 96 kW (130 hp) at 4000 rev / min
Max. torque: 320 Nm at 1750 rev / min
0-100 km: in 11.0 s
Top speed (official): 186 km / h 
Average fuel consumption: 5.3 l / 100 km
Curb weight (EU): 1580 kg
Axle: 4x4, elective 4x2
Price- entry level: 600.000 CZK

Nissan Czech Republic

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