Ordering Food Online

Get to know the Czech online food shopping environment

Random food cravings, hatred for carrying heavy bags and fear going outside in the cold all have one solution: ordering food online. Most people are aware of the many websites that deliver ready made food, such as Dame Jidlo but it is becoming increasingly more popular to order groceries online. There is a lot of competition between companies that offer this service. Many of them are less than a year old and are constantly changing and improving their services and prices. For this reason they also offer special discounts and offers to first time buyers. The following four companies offer slightly different products and/or services.

Tesco Delivery
Tesco is reliable, offers a wide range of quality products and have an English language version of their website. Their home page offers holiday/season specials, great deals and discounts and has a quick and easy signup for new customers. You can search the name of the products you want to buy or chose from the categories in the menu that ranges from fresh foods to drinks to pets. They offer double the points for online shopping if you have a Tesco club card and they have a great help page. Once you have a cart filled with everything you want, you can choose a time (8:00 – 22:00 every day of the week) and day for your delivery. Depending on their availability it may be possible to receive your groceries on the same day. The price for delivery varies but ranges from 49 to 99 CZK and the minimum order is 1,000 CZK.

Rohlik.cz is only available in Czech but is easy to navigate if you set up Google to translate the website. What differentiates them form the other companies is that they can deliver within 90 minutes of ordering and offer compensation if they are late. The minimum cost of deliver is 300 or 500 CZK depending on where you live. It is a relatively new company and often offers free credit and gives you credit for inviting others to register. It memorizes what you order and places those items at the top of the page when you log in. The cost of delivery is 139 CZK for a 90 minute delivery, 119 CZK for same day delivery and 99 for a regular delivery. Other reasons to use rohlik.cz are: their wide offer of bio and farmer grown products as well as their amazing last minute offers on expiring products. They also have one of the few interesting and useful newsletters that offer interesting discounts and extras such as seasonal recipes.

Fresh Bedynky 
Fresh Bedynky is a great website for anyone who wants to buy high quality, free trade or bio products. They have an English version of their website and if you order before 12 PM they will deliver to Prague between 3 PM and 10 PM. They offer a variety of sea food, including fresh oysters and octopus and meats including but not limited to goose and veal. Their prices are higher than in a super market but reflective of the quality of the products. They also offer food that can’t be found anywhere else in Prague such as golden kiwis, cherimoya and purple potatoes. They also show the exact origins of the farms where they are from. The delivery price is 100 CZK and they deliver Monday – Friday.

Kolonial is only in Czech just like rohlik.cz and they offer a wide variety of products ranging from food to toiletries. They do not offer same day deliveries but they pride themselves in offering the freshest products with locally grown fruits, vegetables and bread pastries. They can deliver purchases the day after ordering every day of the week 8:00 – 22:00. The price for delivery is 79 CZK.

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