First cupcake shop in Prague: made with love

Who doesn’t love cupcakes?

The American tradition has captured the Czech Republic a few years ago and its popularity has been on the rise ever since. A significant part in this boom was played by a purely Czech company called Lelí’s Cupcakes which has been bringing great delight with these small cakes for over three years now. Having reached numerous successes at foodie festivals, they are planning to open the first cupcakery in Prague this spring.

Just a quick look at the cute little cake can instantly make you feel delighted. Due to its size, it comes off as an innocent little sin worthy of being committed. The soft base is usually topped with various creams or frosting's and the finishing touch of different fruit and decorations such as sprinkles. The resulting impression is perfect.

Lelí from Lelí’s Cupcakes has fallen for cupcakes in 2012 when she and her husband visited California during their honeymoon. She decided to bring the cupcake culture back to the Czech Republic immediately. And she definitely succeeded. Her cupcakes are absolute piece of art and are sold like hot cakes at food festivals.

And since the interest in her products is rising and orders come on a daily basis, Lelí would like to take her dream a step further and create a go-to place for sweet-toothed cupcake lovers. Whether you come for a cupcake and some homemade lemonade with a friend, a birthday party with your kids or you step by after work to buy a little something for your other half, the cupcakery will be at your service.

The first specialized cupcake shop in Prague could be opened in May with the help of its happy customers. At the moment, Lelí’s Cupcakes is trying to raise money at the crowdfunding portal Hithit. This would help them finance the reconstruction of a sunny space at Náplavka and transform it into a true cupcake paradise. For a small contribution, you can choose from a series of tempting rewards: a brand new cupcake named by you, a confectionery course with Lelí or a stock of cakes for a long time ahead.

By the way: the cupcake tradition goes all the way back to the 18th century when the first cupcakes were baked in the United States. Today, they are a worldwide phenomenon famous among cooking beginners as well – their preparation is both easy and time-efficient. The popularity of cupcakes is also prominent as they can be easily theme-decorated for special occasions, feasts and celebrations. And thus, besides classical models, you can find cupcakes with an underwater theme, arranged as a periodic table of chemical elements or with fairy-tale heroes’ motifs. 

Lelí’s Cupcakes

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