Second Hand Shopping in Prague

Discover the win-win of buying and donating used clothes

Second hand stores come in all shapes and sizes and Prague has many to choose from if you know where to look. Second hand shopping is a great way to update your wardrobe affordable and find unique clothing items to avoid the awkward moment when you meet someone who is wearing the exact same outfit.

Most people's first choice is to go to a larger store that has multiple venues. Textile House for example has eleven locations in Prague and competitive prices. It is hard to resits the 'everything for 30 CZK' sales and large dig-through bins filled with hidden treasures for those patient enough to look through them.

Larger stores generally offer the cheapest prices because of their large stock. Their higher budgets allow them to invest in campaigns and photograph models flaunting the 'new' collections. However there are many perks to smaller stores too.

Family-owned 20m² shops may have less to choose from but you can be assured that what they have is worth checking out. Bazárek - Rej Věcí for example is a tiny store in Prague 6 near Dejvická that has a quality selection of pregnancy clothes, shoes, bags and much more.

The thing about small stores is that they hand-select every item and only the best pieces are chosen for display in the limited space. Můj Šatník on Muchova is another great store that's small in size but one of the best when it comes to men's clothes. It is unfair that most of these stores focus only on women – but here you find beautiful leather coats and even suits at great prices.

Some smaller stores focus on a particular piece of clothing above all others. Second Hand Press always has a great selection of colorful dresses and displays them boldly in the windowsill. With a less-is-more attitude, the store is never overloaded with clothing but each piece looks great, new and has the reflecting price tag.

The small company has three venues: the smallest one with potentially the cutest collection can be found on Jugoslávská, just a few minutes from I.P. Pavlova. Many second hand stores in Prague sell clothing from the UK. Second Hand Land imports used clothing from the UK, US and many other EU countries.

You can visit either their regular store or larger warehouse, both are located outside of center. They may be out of the way but are certainly worth a visit. As their modern website will tell you, you can buy new blazers for just 160 CZK and their frequent sales such as two skirts for 30 CZK are too good to miss.

The Swiss also like to donate and you can look through their donations at H + B. What makes this store unique is their e-shop (CZ) that allows you to buy clothes in a specific category in bulk. For example you can order128 CZK per kilo of quality children's clothes with one click of a button.

The 15 year old store isn't the only second hand store that offers online purchases and deliveries. Ujetá číča is another example of a great store where you can reserve and order clothes directly through Facebook.

Not all second hand stores sell exclusively second hand items: Eterno Moderno is a a unique store that's part boutique and part second hand. Enjoy the hipster vibe and pick out unique handmade jewelry to go with a vintage outfit.

Finally, an increasingly popular concept is using donated clothing to do good. The Thrift Store is an English speaker friendly store owned by an expat couple. Clothes and other donated items that are either given directly to those in urgent need or sold in the store. The profits are used to support various non-profit organizations.

Go check out their Vinohrady location every day of the week or keep an eye out on their jaw-dropping sales. Domov Sue Ryder has a similar concept: what started as a home for the elderly in the UK expanded to include a series of charity stores. Selling much more than just clothes, Sue Ryder stores aren't just popular abroad – there are currently six stores in Prague.

You can find even more second hand stores on Protišedi (CZ): some are so hipster that they don't even have websites but you can find them by their address.

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