Cobbler’s Prague Bakery opening at the Palladium

Popular American-style cupcakes are coming to Prague's malls

American-style cupcakes are coming to Prague’s Palladium shopping mall on Aug. 1 when Cobbler’s Prague Bakery opens a shop. The bakery so far has been active at farmers markets.

After traveling through America, Cobbler’s CEO Jiří Zuska, was inspired to bring a new style of cupcake to the Czech people. Intrigued by the long lines wrapping out of American cupcake shops and the obvious popularity of the sweet treat, Zuska realized that there was nothing like this in Prague and decided to find out if Prague was ready for them.

While some cupcakes with colored butter-based frosting had long been available in the Czech Republic, the new style cupcakes are quite different. The style had become popular in the late 1990s and early 21st century in part due to the presence of a cupcake shop on the hit TV show Sex and City. Several bakery chains making only cupcakes popped up after that.

“Cobbler’s’ cupcakes are unique because they are made very differently than the cupcakes the people in Prague are used to. We use four different components: the cake, the filling, the frosting and the sprinkles. The cakes come in different flavors such as vanilla, chocolate and carrot cake,” Zuska said.

“The cupcakes are then filled with things such as homemade caramel, homemade peanut butter and homemade marshmallow filling. Our cupcakes are frosted with cream cheese icing rather than the traditional butter-based icings that Czechs are accustomed to. The cupcakes are then completed with an array of toppings such as chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, M&Ms and even the classic American rainbow sprinkles,” he added.

Zuska said that once he got back to Prague from his time in the U.S. he started baking cupcakes from scratch out of his home kitchen. After coming up with his first few flavors he did a large cupcake tasting, garnering a wide range of positive feedback. In response to this positive feedback Zuska decided to sell his cupcakes in some of the popular farmers markets throughout the city. The cupcakes were a hit and sold out within the first two hours.

Zuska decided it was time to create a brand specializing in cupcakes—cue the creation of Cobbler’s Bakery. A lot of attention was paid to creating the right brand name and image. The name comes from apple cobbler, a type of pastry that inspired one of the early flavors.

Realizing that their main customers were office workers in Prague, the natural next step was to work to sell their cupcakes in shopping malls located near large office complexes. Cobbler’s will now be opening its first permanent location in Prague’s Palladium shopping mall at náměstí Republiky.

The bakery will start out with 16 flavors, but will add one each month for the customers; in other words, the menu will be constantly expanding. Additionally, the cupcakes will come in three sizes: junior, signature and giant. The junior size will give customers a chance to try multiple flavors in one sitting, the signature size is the standard cupcake size and the giant size is perfect for a birthday party or a large gathering as it is essentially a huge cupcake the size of a cake. Lastly, Cobbler’s offers boxes of four, six, 12 and 24 cupcakes; although, you can get as many as you want.

Zuska added that Cobbler’s also makes everything over night. “If you come to the Palladium on Monday morning you will get a cupcake that was made Sunday night. Cobbler’s does not freeze its products, which is the most important thing to us. We work hard to make sure that the taste and freshness of our cupcakes are our priority.”

At Cobbler’s new location in the Palladium the bakery will sell more than just cupcakes. A subsidiary of Cobbler’s Bakery called Cobbler’s Coffee will be incorporated into the first location and offer coffees, lattes, cappuccinos and more to enjoy alongside your cupcakes. Additionally, although Cobbler’s specializes in cupcakes, because they are more like an American bakery they will also offer cheesecakes, brownies, cinnamon rolls and other sweets as a part of their store in the Palladium.

Cobbler’s big goal is to open more stores throughout Prague and eventually expand even further.

Cobbler’s Prague Bakery on Prague.TV, Living Like a Local!

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