Prague's flea markets

A cheap way to find vintage items is by exploring the city's second-hand stalls

Looking for some bargain shopping on a beautiful day? Try these Prague markets that offer not only enjoyable atmosphere, but also a nice range of items, they are good places to look for decorative items from the communist era and even before. Posters, vintage clothes, vinyl LPs and jewelry can be found among old books, wind-up watches and kitchen ware.

For collectors, there is a big flea market out of town that makes for a nice day trip.

If you prefer new stuff, there are some outdoor markets to check for that as well.

Bleší trhy Praha
Flea Market Prague

U Elektry, Prague 9–Vysočany
Sat–Sun, 7 am–1:30 pm
Bleší trhy Praha

The largest flea market in Prague has recently moved to a new location from its former site at a factory in Kolbenova. With a bit of luck and some looking you can find porcelain, jewelry and decorations from the communist era and earlier, plus clothes, LPs, books, coins and medals, and other items. There is also a lot of new stuff including luggage, packaged food and toys.

Pravý bleší trhy na Tylovo náměstí
True Flea Market at Tyl Square

Tylovo náměstí, Prague 2–Vinohrady
Most Saturdays except the last of each month

Pravý bleší trhy na Avoidu
True Flea Market at Avoid

(A)void Floating Gallery, Náplavka, Prague 2
Last Saturday of the Month, May–October
Pravý bleší trhy na Avoidu

The smaller of the regularly scheduled flea markets claims to be more authentic because it has exclusively used items and no new stuff. Kitchen items, clothes, jewelry and DVDs are usually among the items available. The market moves between two locations and the schedule can be confusing, so it is best to check online.

Out of town:

Sběratelské trhy
Collectors Market

Outdoors, April–Oct, indoors Nov–March
Buštěhrad, Central Bohemia
Second and fourth Friday of the month

The market in this town some 20 km northwest of Prague has been hosting a collectors and antique market for more than 35 years. Collecting pins, coins, matchbooks and all sorts of things was a common pastime in Czechoslovakia. The collecting clubs began meeting in 1979. Now, all manner of items can be found and collectors come from neighboring countries to check out the selection. The town itself has a population of about 3,000 people.

Other markets worth checking out:

Dyzajn market
Design Market

Plaza, National Theatre, Národní 2, Prague 1–New Town
Irregular schedule
Dyzajn market

New items from local design studios include whimsical cups, trendy clothes, glassware, jewelry, bags, notebooks and other items. There is also food and drink, making it a nice place to spend the day even if you just want to look.

Pražská tržnice
Prague Market

Bubenské nábř. 306/13, Prague 7
Mon–Sat 8 am–8 pm

A former cattle yard and slaughter house is now a vast open-air market with stands selling new clothes, electronics, decorations, household items, toys, kung-fu weapons and more. Replica Soviet liquor flasks, and other souvenirs are usually available. There is also a large fruit and vegetable market, a supermarket and several restaurants on the premises.

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