Gadgets 2005

PTV's guide to this Christmas's hottest gizmos

Christmas is a time for giving, for getting - and for gadgets.

So in the firm belief that you're never too old for toys, we've put together this quick guide to some of the hottest gizmos available in the Czech Republic this year.

Sony PlayStation Portable
Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP)

Price: 7,890 (32MB), 9,390 CZK (32MB + 1GB)

Probably the must-have item this Christmas. The large, high resolution screen is the main selling point, offering a gaming experience to rival that of the housebound PS2. It also means that the PSP's Universal Media Disc (UMD) format is an increasingly popular way of watching movies. The sound's pretty good too, and, unusually for a Sony product, the PSP plays MP3s. The big downside is the cost of memory - the PSP uses Sony's pricy Memory Stick format.

Sony's Czech PlayStation Website

Apple iPod nano
Apple iPod Nano

Price: 6,999 CZK (2GB), 8,599 CZK (4GB)

In more ways than one, Apple's latest MP3 and AAC player is a triumph of style over substance. First, the good news: despite being only 0.7 centimeters (0.27 inches) wide, the Nano can hold up to 1,000 songs and, like most Apple products, it looks fantastic. The bad news: the screens on some Nanos are prone to scratching or even cracking. You pay your money and you take your chances…

Apple's Czech Website

iRobot Roomba

Price: 9,990 CZK

Ideal for the bachelor or bachelorette with no time to hoover their own home, Roomba uses artificial intelligence to do the job itself. Manufactured by the American iRobot Corporation, this advanced vac's sensors constantly monitor its environment (your room) and adjust its behavior accordingly. Brno-based importer AtraNet also plans to import Scooba, iRobot's "floor-washing robot."

AtraNet's Czech Roomba Website

Sony Ericsson W800i Walkman Phone
Sony Ericsson W800i Walkman Phone

Price: 14,490 CZK

Do you love anyone enough to buy them a 15,000-CZK phone? Aiming to be more than just the first mobile to bear the famous Walkman brand, the manufacturers describe the W800i as a "portable multimedia center," squeezing an MP3 player, a two-megapixel camera/video camera, an RDS FM radio and a wide range of connectivity options into its trim frame.

Sony Ericsson's Czech Website

Havel Spyder
Havel Buggy Spyder 6x6

Price: 339,000 CZK

Manufactured right here in Prague, Havel Buggy's Spyder 6x6 could be the compact, amphibious all-terrain six-wheeler your loved one has secretly been dreaming of. Powered by a 480 cc, 16 bhp engine, the Spyder is equally at home on the road, in snow, in swampland and in water. (If the winter's particularly harsh, though, you might consider the Monti instead.)

Havel Buggy Website

Motorola RAZR V3
Motorola RAZR V3 BLK

Price: 7,990 CZK

A few years ago, American mobiles were about as cool as Finnish hip-hop. These days, though, it's hard to beat Motorola's super-slim RAZR for style. Encased in aluminum, with a futuristic metallic keypad, this waif-like clamshell is available in a choice of silver or "special edition" black (pictured). Features include MPEG4 video playback, a digital camera, Bluetooth connectivity, and a quad-band phone.

Motorola's Czech Website

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