DesignSupermarket starts at Kafka's House

Local and visiting designer offer unique clothes, jewelry, toys and decorations

For the 10th time the designSupermarket will be offering unusual holiday gifts, clothes and other items. The market will be at Kafka's House (Kafkův dům) at nám. Franze Kafky 1, just off of Old Town Square. It runs from Dec. 8 to 11.

DesignSupermarket is a platform for exhibiting and selling original works of product design, accessories, fashion, jewelry and graphic design by Czech and foreign young professionals and talented students.

The event also serves as an informal meeting center for designer personalities and the interested public. It aims to present design to the general public with the most responsible approach and to promote the work of young artists.

As always, there is a large range of items so the designSupermarket can be one-stop shopping for people who want to give something different than what can be found at every shopping mall. At the same time, you can support small companies and individual designers.

Even socks, the most mundane of gifts, can be spiced up. Be Socks is a Czech brand that invites local artists to work on the patterns. The sock production is based in the Czech Republic.

Closely related, Fernando Echeverria Shoes offers handmade footwear made to measure, though it is a bit late to get a pair in time for the holidays. Each pair is unique and blends traditional technique with modern design.

There are many jewelry makers to choose from, working in several styles. Janja Prokić has a collection based on the shape of a drop. Hana Polívková has explored the irregularities of the twist. Hanus Lamr Jewelry uses natural motifs and inspiration from folk art. Eliška Lhotská Jewellery presents its new archaeologist collection, where even a thing as simple as a slice of bread needs to be cast in metal and preserved for the long-term future. JWLRY is a collective that offers pieces somewhere between art and jewelry. The Czech brand Shit Happens will also be offering its new collection.

Fashion is also one of the main areas. Ellen Rooijakkers offers naturally dyed clothes made with sustainable techniques. The brand Ether stresses minimalism, functionality and premium design. One of its main offerings is a backpack for all occasions. The Czech clothing brand Soolista uses all natural materials and takes its inspiration from Czech lace designs and minimalist style. 

Sistersconspiracy explores work clothes and the unisex look. The Czech brand Made By Ordinary uses reinterpreted traditional techniques and local manufacturers, and will also have a men's line. Ice Ice Baby is a well-known Czech brand of children's clothes as well as items for moms.

From Tel Aviv, the brand For Those Who Pray offers sustainable items made from byproducts of the fashion industry. They don't use new leather, for example, but leftover pieces. Dutch designer Naomi Rachel Timan uses recycled leather in her I Was A … collection. Each item is marked with tag explaining where the leather came from, such as I Was A Couch.

Helena Heinz is behind Soap, a brand of skincare products including soaps, eau de cologne and other new products, plus a new bag. There are many décor and household items as well, and even some toys. The market also has a side program of presentations and DJs providing entertainment.

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