New bike path opens in Prague 7

A small section will make it easier to go from Holešovice to Stromovka

A new bike path will open tomorrow in Prague on the waterfront between most Barikádníků and Trojský most, two bridges crossing the Vltava. It is one of several new sections of bike paths that are either being completed or are in planning stages. 

The section will help to open up the water-front between Holešovice to Stromovka.

The new path is only a few hundred meters long and unpaved, but it is good news for cyclists and pedestrians. Until now, a very narrow and difficult path connected the two neighborhoods and many cyclists chose to take longer routes that were a bit safer, rather than risk skidding into the river. These alternate routes, though, were not as scenic and also put bikes onto roads with cars.

The path was paid for by construction firm Skanska, which has an administrative building nearby.

“The area was impenetrable and blocked. … The fact that the walls came down there is one of the huge changes that took place in Holešovice,” Prague 7 Mayor 7 Jan Čižinský said, according to Pražský deník. He added that the new route could become an alternative for people traveling along the cycle path A1 from Karlín to Stromovka.

This year' there should be progress on other paths as well. “The preparation of individual sections is currently underway," Prague Deputy Mayor Petr Dolínek said previously, adding these routes would be usable in two to three years.

The construction of a kilometer long cycle path from Běchovice to Horní Počernice is planned.

An unfinished section from Zbraslav to Jarov was not completed in 2014 due to some of the land not having been purchased will also see some work.

Construction will take place on the Northeast Cycle Highway (Severovýchodní pražská cyklomagistrála), which will link the center with the edges of the city such as Balabenka, Hloubětín, Kbely and Horní Počernice.

Most of the cycle paths offer scenic routes from the city out into nature. But links from the north to the south of the city are still lacking. Cyclists have to take a large detour to go from north to south, as going through the city center puts cyclists into dangerous sections of heavy traffic according to experts from Auto*Mat quoted by daily Pražský deník. The worst section is between Čechův most and Jiráskův most, and especially along Smetanovo nábřeží.

Cycling in the city center may become harder in the future, rather than easier. The number of cycle and motor scooter tours in the city's historical center has City Hall looking at time restrictions for using bike paths in pedestrian zones in the center. This would affect not only tours but commuters as well.

The most popular trails are to Zbraslav and to Černošice and the trail from Troja up to Kralupy nad Vltavou

Conditions in other cities in Europe for cyclists are much better, according to cycling advocates.

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