Letná will have free ice rink

The city approved a rink for the next three seasons

Prague promises to open an ice skating rink again at Letná park. City Hall announced on its website that it will enter into a contract with ICE-TEC Solution CZ for the project.

“For the next three years, we want to offer a similar model to Prague visitors as last year. Skaters can expect a cultural program, reproduced music, refreshment stalls, and skating. Entrance to the area will be free for visitors. We plan to run the ice rink from December to February. Depending on the weather and the interest of the inhabitants of Prague, the operation may be extended or shortened,” Deputy Mayor Petr Dolínek (ČSSD) said,

The ice rink will stand along Milady Horákové Street, near the underground garage. There will be stands for refreshments, storage space, toilets, skate sanding, and skate and helmet rental for a fee.

Under the draft contract, the company would have to install the rink and run it, and remove it at the end of the season. In the surrounding area, the company must install wastebaskets and maintain order.

The total price of the contract for three years of operation is Kč 13,950,550 without VAT (Kč 16,880,165.50 including VAT), according to the City Hall website.

The specifications call for 20-meter by 40-meter rink with a cooling system, lights, and a sound system. Skaters should be able to use it from 15 degrees Celsius and ice should form from 10 degrees Celsius.

In past years there have also been outdoor skating rinks at Ovocný trh in Prague 1 and under the Žižkov Television Tower.

The Prague 6 district has also announced that it will create a skiing track at Vypich near the Hvězda summer palace. It will use two snow cannons, and the area will offer ski rentals. During the morning hours, the track will serve mainly schools. Lights will allow people to ski in the evening. The aim of the project is to promote cross-country skiing and lure the locals to exercise in the fresh air. Using the track will be free of charge.

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