Ice rinks open in Prague

Most parts of the city will have some opportunity for skating

There are lots of options for ice skating in Prague during the holiday season as temperatures are starting to fall below zero.

It is already possible to skate in the sports complex Na Františku and on Dec. 1 skating will start at the base of the Žižkov TV Tower.

Arkády Pankrác will open its rink Dec. 1 as well. Compared to last year, the size of the ice rink will be doubled to around 600 square meters.

A rink at Letenská pláň in Prague 7 also should open Dec. 1.

The ice rink at Ovocný trh will open Dec. 5. It will be open every day until the end of January, and there will be disco events with DJs on the weekend.

Galerie Harfa hopes to open a rink on its roof Dec. 1, but it depends on the weather. The mall urges people to check its Facebook page. Sportovní centrum Gutovka in Prague 10 is also waiting on the weather.

Prague 8 will have at koupaliště Ládví, kasárna Karlín, and ZŠ Glowackého.

Náměstí 14. října in Prague 5 should be the last to open, just before Christmas.

Prague 1:
Na Františku
When: Nov. 20 to March 15, 2018
Hours: Mon, Wed, Thurs and Fri 8 – 17.30, Tues 10 – 17.30, Weekends 10 – 19
Price: Kč 50, children under 14 for Kč 30

Ovocný trh
When: Dec. 5. – Jan. 31, 2018
Hours: daily 10 – 21
Price: free

Prague 3

Tower Ice Park
When: from Dec. 1

Prague 4

NC Arkády Pankrác
When: Dec. 1 – Feb. 28, 2018
Hours: daily 9 – 21
Price: Kč 50, children up to 5 years old free

Prague 5

Náměstí 14. října
When: Dec. 23. – Feb. 28, 2018
Hours: daily 10 – 21
Price: free
Services: skate rental

Prague 6
Vítězné náměstí
When: during December
Details will be announced on

Prague 7
Letenská pláň
When: Dec. 1 – Feb. 18, 2018
Hours: daily 9 – 21
Price: free
Services: skate rental and refreshments

Prague 8
ZŠ Glowackého
When: Dec. 2 – Feb 28, 2018
Hours: Mon to Fri 8 – 13 for schools and kindergartens, 13 – 21 hours for the public, 21 – 22 commercial rentals
weekends 9 – 21 for the public, 21 – 22 commercial rentals
Price: Kč 40 / 150 minutes, children up to 150 cm free, children over 150 cm Kč 30 / 150 min.
Services: skate and helmet rental

Koupaliště Ládví
When: starting Dec. 3

Kasárna Karlín
When: starting Dec 10

Prague 9
Galerie Harfa
When: perhaps Dec. 1 to March 31, 2018
Hours: daily 15 –18.30, evening skating on Saturday 19 – 20.30
Price: Kč 50, children up to 150 centimeters free

Černý Most

When: Nov. 11 – 3 March 31, 2018
Hours: daily 9 – 21
Price: Kč 80, children up to five years free, family admission Kč 200, escorting Kč 40
Services: skate rental and refreshments

Prague 10
Sportovní centrum Gutovka
When: according to the weather

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