Petynka to get new indoor pool

An expansion will allow the swimming area to be open all year

The Petynka swimming area in Prague 6 will be expanded with a new indoor swimming pool so that it can be open throughout the year by 2020. Currently, the pool closes outside of summer.

The goal is to change the environment in front of the current swimming pool. There will be a relaxation zone, a children's pool, a surf pool and a restaurant. The parking lot will be extended.

The new indoor 25-meter multifunctional swimming pool will have an artificial surf wave. Swimming lessons will be taught in the morning. There will also be an indoor sauna.

The project is being prepared by architectural firm Atelier A11. The estimated construction cost of the entire project is around Kč 200 million, up a bit from the previously announced Kč 170 million.The winning design was chosen in December 2016, but the selection process was criticized at the time by the Czech Chamber of Architects (ČKA) for not following standard procedures.

The firm SNEO operates the pool for the Prague 6 district. In 2017 during its five months of operation from May to September, the pool saw 85,000 visitors. SNEO says that without expansion and additional services, it will not be possible to increase the number of visitors significantly.

The pool, though, is not running at a loss due to other services already offered aside from swimming. 

SNEO representatives recently told the Prague 6 district newsletter that the company tries every year to come up with a new attraction or service, so visitors can enjoy massages, exercises, babysitting in the children's corner, aquazorbing, trampoline, sun lounges and, of course, refreshments.

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