Matuška Day brings together baseball and beer

A doubleheader game in Prague will also showcase Matuška's best brews

Nothing says summer like beer and baseball, at least in some parts of the world. People in Prague will have a chance to experience the feeling at Matuška Day on June 2 at the Kotlářka baseball field in Prague 6.

The program starts at 1 pm and includes a double-header ball game between home team Kotlářka Praha and visitors Hroši Brno.

Fans who come to watch can also choose from 12 types of beer from Pivovar Matuška, one of the top-ranked small breweries in the Czech Republic. In addition to Czech-style lagers, there will be American ales. Some of the beers will be exclusive for the event.

Burgers and hot dogs will come from local restaurant Bejzment and high-quality spicy beef jerky from Rustic Jerky.

“It will be a unique and challenging event. We transfer a pub to the sports field,” brewer and ball player Adam Matuška said.

But he feels it is worth the effort. “Well-handled beer and good sports go together,” he said.

The doubleheader should be an exciting one, as both teams are close in the current standings. Kotlářka is in third place with 15 wins and five losses this season, while Hroši is in fourth place with 14 wins and six losses. The season leader is Draci Brno with 21 wins and one loss, so either team can still catch up with a run of good luck.

Adam Matuška is optimistic that Kotlářka can make the finals this year.

The beer at the ball field should be served in ice-cooled glasses and not in plastic cups, as Adam Matuška does not want to present the brewery's beer in less than ideal conditions. This is the first time the brewery is attempting this in an outdoor setting.

The beers will include light and dark varieties and stronger beers such as the 17 degree Zlatá raketa (Golden Rocket) and 21 degree Hellcat. Zlatá raketa has a 7 percent alcohol content and Hellcat is slightly higher.

There will be events for children on a playground and a new T-shirt for the local team will be available.

Before the match, the national anthem will be sung by Martina Hekerová and the brewery founder Martin Matuška will participate in the event.

Adam Matuška played for Kotlářka in the past but has taken this year off to concentrate on his brewery. He doesn't rule out making a comeback though. As for the brewery, the beers have won many awards since production began in 2009, and the owners hope to expand while maintaining quality.

For more information visitška Day.

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