Red Bull Flight Day 2013 Prague

The Planet Express team won first place in this year’s Red Bull Flight Day

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s the team from Planet Express gliding to victory and collecting a whopping 250,000kc in this year’s Red Bull Flight Day! The four-strong crew finished top of the pile after collecting high scores for the creativity of their plane, the design and the distance it flew.

Over 30,000 spectators packed out the Dvorak waterfront in central Prague on Sunday afternoon hoping to witness the world record of 70m broken; however, it was clear from the first few teams to launch themselves off the 6m high ramp that the record was never really in danger.

The Golden Fish were the first team up and, as their name suggested, they looked more comfortable in the water than they did in the air after plopping into the freezing cold Vltava after just 13 metres. Although their overall position of 32 out of 39 teams felt rather harsh as the design was excellent.

Czech film and advert director Jakub Kohák and his co-host Tomáš Hanák kept the masses entertained in between launches with a succession of jokes about the contestant’s planes and shouts of “Johnny Bravo!”. In fact, Kohák was so lively you felt he could jump of the platform and win the competition himself.

As well as Kohák and Hanák in attendance, there was also Red Bull royalty in the shape of race pilot Martin Šonka. The former Czech Air Force wingman was on the judging panel and thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon “There was incredible action,” Šonka said reflecting on the event “It’s just a pity that the machines couldn’t fly a little further, but on the other hand, it is a challenge for them next year.”

Alongside Sonka in the judging panel were Matěj Ruppert, Milan Cais. Yemi A.D., Ben Cristovao, Vladimir 518, Vavřinec Hradílek, Eva Samková, Radka Máchová, Martin Šonka and Tereza Brodská. The judges scored teams on the creativity of their aircraft and the design.

“It's amazing what people were able to produce and assemble themselves. I am very glad that this kind of action takes place in Prague and such creative people took part.” said Ben Cristovao, the 2009 Česko Slovenská Superstar finalist.

However, for one team, there was major disappointment as their plane failed to make the regulation weight and they were disqualified. The crew from the CTU gilder team were left stranded on the 6m high platform when their disqualification was announced.

In terms of actual distance travelled, the Červíci Pepíci team made it the furthest after flying 29 metres, but they finished out of the money and off of the podium after moderate scores on the design on their plane left them in a regrettable fourth place.


Winner - Plant Express

2nd Place - Letňanská Letecko Železniční Dopravní Společnost

3rd Place - FVTM UJEP SGI

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