Get into shape with Fit Muay Thai

DH Gym is introducing a class that contains elements of Muay Thai, dance and circuit training

DH Gym - the only Thai boxing school within the Czech Republic that teaches the orthodox and original martial arts of Mauy Thai, Muay Boran and Krabi Krabong – is introducing a new fitness class specifically geared towards women that contains elements of Muay Thai, dance and circuit training.

David Brousil, who owns and runs DH Gym, wants to introduce the Fit Muay Thai classes to Prague to challenge negative perceptions that people may have about the sport.

“Though our Fit Muay Thai classes are open to anyone – women, men and children – we ant to target women specifically to make them see that it is not a bad investment and that Muay Thai is a sport that anyone can take part in,” explains David.

“Fit Muay Thai is a perfect activity for those who don’t know much about the martial art of Muay Thai or may have had some sort of bad experience with it, like street-fighting. And for those who do know something about Muay Thai, it is an opportunity to learn the true nature of the sport,” adds David.

If anyone is in a perfect position to teach people about the martial art, it is David. An accomplished master of Muay Thai, David has been training in the art since 1989 and in June 2011he was awarded the highest certification achievable by the World Muaythai Council – the body that oversees the martial art and ensures it original and ancient standards are continuously upheld – in Bangkok, Thailand.

“Fit Muay Thai can teach you aspects that can be used as a way to defend yourself, which can certainly be a benefit for women in certain situations, but that is not what the main goal of the martial art is really about,” says David. “The idea behind taking part in Fit Muay Thai is to learn about the art but hope that you never have to use it, and to have a functional weapon, but not the desire or need to use it – it is more of a focus on the actual training and its stress-reducing aspects.”

The classes are also an excellent way of being introduced to the more specific classes taught at DH Gym. If participants enjoy a particular aspect of Fit Muay Thai like Thai boxing or Muay Boran they can then study these arts in further details.

Fit Muay Thai classes will be available from September 2014 onwards. For further details on Fit Muay Thai and other classes offered by DH GYM visit

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