Muay Thai Trial

Prague.TV's Helen armitage reports back from a Muay Thai class

Prague TV recently published an article on Muay Thai master David Brousil’s new fitness programme Fit Muay Thai at his gym in Karlín, but what journalist worth their salt would wax lyrical about a sport they had never tried. So off I trotted to DH Gym to take a class in the basics of Muay Thai from David himself.

Let me just prefix this article by saying I am not the fittest of people – I prefer smoking, drinking and eating greasy food to any activity that looks like exercise and the only vaguely looking ‘gym-like’ clothes I could find where a pair of leggings that I often sleep in – so for anyone people daunted by the thought of Fit Muay Thai I can safely say that I, in all my unhealthy and badly dressed glory, managed to survive an hour, so you can too.

First off, a bit of information about the art of Muay Thai. Muay Thai is a combat martial art that originated in Thailand in approximately the 16th century and was used a method of battlefield fighting. Widely known as ‘the art of eight limbs’ as it employs the whole body when fighting, Muay Thai today is an important tradition of Thailand with the art overseen by the World Muay Thai Council who ensure its ancient standards are upheld.

David taught me that the first steps in Muay Thai are to relax your body and adopt a stance that that keeps you balanced. The next basic lesson of Muay Thai is to understand that your whole body is a weapon – arms, legs, knees and elbows can all be used to defend yourself – though it is to use your arms to defend your head at all times.

I was then taught some basic Muay Thai moves – punching, kicking, kneeing and punching with the elbow – which might not seem like much of a work out, though after repeating these moves many times I can tell you that it did feel like exercise.

After an hour or so I was, as we English folk like to say, ‘sweating like a fat man in a cake shop’, heart beating and out of breath, and every bit of me felt like it had gone through a good work out. But strangely, despite the physicality of the class and the fact I had spent quite some time punching and kicking a man, I felt strangely zen-like and relaxed – mostly due to David’s helpfulness, positivity and patience.

So, as somebody who has tried Muay Thai, I can safely say that if you want to get fit but at the same time learn a skill that will not only help you to defend yourself but also help you to relax, then Fit Muay Thai could be the fitness class for you.

DH Gym will soon be holding a series of open days and trial classes. Visit for details of coming events.


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