GENERALI CEE Cup to support UNICEF, which helps Ukraine

GENERALI CEE Cup is a partner of humanitarian organization UNICEF which is also financially supported.

Military conflicts in Ukraine harm local society, among other things, raising children. UNICEF therefore helps in the eastern region of the country, which is suffering in humanitarian crisis.

GENERALI CEE Cup promotes humanitarian organization UNICEF since it’s first year, ie for five years. Yields from the entrance to the Tournament’s Grand Finale evening are annually sent to the charity foundation. Tournament which support UNICEF released CD in 2013 with the song TOGETHER WE ARE STRONG, which were also involved in representation of players Petrák Andrew and Mario Holek.

War in the eastern part of Europe does not just result in many deaths. Thanks to war over territory more than 500 thousand people lost their livelihood and shelter. Even sadder is the fact that in this number is included up to 150 thousand children.
Therefore UNICEF connected to events on Ukraine. Currently humanitarian help need up to 1.4 million people who are significantly affected by the crisis. UNICEF cares about health prevention of those who are affected by the war. Establishes medical facilities, offering treatment for children and women. Another important
function of the organization is providing drinking water.

Did you know that...
If you buy a ticket to the Big final evening of GENERALI CEE Cup, you will personally contribute to UNICEF’s support of the affected area?

Among the other things, UNICEF take care of the mental health of children affected by war. In cooperation with local government provides advising and socializing with experts. The organization also develops opportunities how to improve knowledge. Up to 225 000 children have access to education provided by UNICEF.

For more information please visit GENERALI CEE Cup

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