Bowling at Radava Lanes

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Radava Lanes
Tel. 233 101 213
Milady Horákové 37
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If you don't remember all the good times you had bowling – either because you never bowled or because it was so long ago – take a refresher on the Brunswick lanes in Holešovice. Cultures collide in this hospoda-meets-bowling alley that burrows inconceivably deep into the city block – no doubt contributing countless audible torments to the babičkas living in the building above. Never mind the suffering it must cause; you can actually feel your cares dissolve as the ball smashes into the wooden pins. Everyone cheers a strike, everyone gasps at a spare, everyone makes those silly puckered-up faces at a split! There's no need to fear the Jesus – Czechs haven't gotten the hang of bowling yet, so it's an open field for any sharks among us. There are 10 full lanes, and they even kick in the black-light for nightmarishly entertaining psychedelic disco-bowling! Ten lanes sounds like a lot, but just imagine how many people there are in Holešovice! Call ahead to reserve your lane, and kill the time at the restaurant out front, which serves decent Czech pub fare. Check PTV's listings for more info.

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