“Freedom and Sport” Commemoration

70 Years After the End of WWII, US soldiers replay a historic American football game in Český Krumlov

On the weekend of September 26-27, fans of American-style football can attend a historic football match marking the 70th anniversary of the end of WWII. The event will be a replay of the first American football game ever played in post-war Czechoslovakia in September of 1945. While the original football game was held on a meadow in Český Krumlov, this year's game will be played at the FK Slavoj Český Krumlov football stadium.

On Saturday, watch as the US Army Corps compete for victory against the defending champions of the Czech league, The Prague Black Panthers. Seventy autumns ago ago, the original game was played between the US 94th Infantry Division and the 22nd US Army Corps. After Saturday's game, get ready for a nontraditional twist – Sunday's “Freedom and Sport” game will be the first football face-off between players selected from the American and Czech armies.

The idea of replaying the historic American football game of the US Army's 94th Infantry Division as tribute to the 70th anniversary of WWII, stemmed from the organizers of the Český Krumlov Tourism Association. During the May preparations for the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the town of Český Krumlov, Marek Šimon, a member of the association, discovered that the original football from the first match in 1945 still existed. The football, along with the names of the players had been preserved. A collector of American military history, Miroslav Seifert, from Brandýs nad Labem, procured the ball directly from the descendants of one of the players. An antique, oval-shaped football thus became a symbol of this year´s commemorating game.

A two-day event symbolically entitled "Freedom and Sport" is not only a memorable sports event but also a reminder of the town´s liberation and the end of WWII. "We hope to manage to display two tanks from WWII at the football stadium. The tents of a field-camp from the 94th Infantry Division will be erected on an area of 2,500m² in the same way as it would have looked during the liberation" added Marek Šimon from the organizing Český Krumlov Tourism Association.

The Freedom and Sport event comes under the patronage of the US Embassy, the Chief of Staff of the Czech Army, General Bečvář and the town of Český Krumlov.

Eventpage on Facebook: Svoboda a sport - Freedom and sport

The Prague Black Panthers
Český Krumlov

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