Prague opens its first Footballgolf course

Grand opening on Saturday October 17th from 9am

Golf can be a frustrating game at best. Trying to navigate a tiny ball around a tricky looking 18-hole course is much harder than it looks. As the old saying goes “A round of golf is a good way to ruin a great walk.” But that needn’t be the case with Footballgolf – a sport that combines the format of golf with the skills of football.

It’s quite simple – the winner is the person who completes the course in as few shots as possible and instead of using a golf club and golf ball, you use a football and have to kick it. And that’s the beauty of Footballgolf, it’s easy to play and is open for anyone who wants to join in the fun.

The first Footballgolf course opens in Prague this weekend and it’s the perfect opportunity for new players to get in on the action. The Prague Open is a free tournament that will take place at FotbalPark Praha, Formanska 446, Praha 11 on Saturday 17th October 2015.

“We will be opening the first footballgolf course in Prague this weekend and The Prague Open will be played in three categories. Women, men and children. Entry fee is free and everyone is welcome to play!” Tomas Neumann, the founder of the Czech Footballgolf association, told Prague.TV.

Another positive is the fact it’s inexpensive to play. No elaborate membership fees, golf clubs, bags or fancy shoes needed. All you need to play is a pair of trainers and a football (although that’s provided at the course) and you’re ready for action.

Footballgolf originated in Sweden in 2004 but it wasn’t until 2013, when Tomas Neumann founded the Czech Footballgolf Association (CFGA) that the sport really took off in the Czech Republic. And it’s gone from strength to strength ever since.

Earlier this year over 200 people registered to take part in the 2015 Czech Open with players coming from all over Europe. The tournament was such a success that the course at Fotbal Park Dymnik, Rumburk was chosen to host the World Championships three months later.

“It was amazing,” Neumann reflected “According to the competitors, it was the best championships in the history of Footballgolf. It was a great honour for us [the CFGA].”

The men’s tournament was won Martin Schmucker with a score of 22 under par over the 72 holes. It was a flawless display by the Dane as he finished four shots clear of his nearest rival. However, to illustrate how tough this game can be, the player who finished in 203rd place registered a score of 117 over par, a total of 139 shots more than the winner!

“But next year we are working on other events. We are applying for the Championship of Europe, while the Czech Footballgolf league will also start.” Neumann added.

Nevertheless, having such a wide range of competitors in the World Championship’s shows the games popularity and the fact that anyone who wants to play, can play! It’s also the ideal event for a company teambuilding exercise or a group-sporting event.

Generally speaking, the basics of Footballgolf are straightforward and easy to pick up. You don’t need to have the power of Cristiano Ronaldo’s right boot to excel at the sport, in fact a fairly timid opening drive won’t hamper you too much as even if you miss the green a bit of rough grass won’t cause an issue.

The problem arises when it comes to putting. Knocking the ball in from 10 yards is much harder than it looks, unlike passing the ball to a friend or team mate, the hole won’t move to help you find the target. And the pressure of trying to maintain your composure with another nasty 8-yard putt on the cards is much harder than it looks.

But you can, of course, try this out for yourself this weekend and sign up for The Prague Open. For further information on the tournament you visit their website here or see the Facebook event here.

Prague Fotbal Park
Formanská 446, Prague 11

Czech Footballgolf Association (CFGA)

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