Free Sports Week Prague 2015 "Týden sportu zdarma"

Fit with fun in Prague - December 25th until December 31st 2015

For the 8th year in a row Prague is hosting a ‘free sports week’ from December 25th until December 31st. The purpose of this event is to offer everyone a chance to try out a new sport or explore new sports venues. It is a great opportunity for to find a new challenge or hobby to add to your list of New Year’s Resolutions. It will be possible to make reservations to certain locations from December 23rd. Find a place close to your home or work place:

Prague 1

- Bowling Celnice, V Celnici 10: This venue offers more than just bowling. With billiard, table football and darts Bowling Celnice offers four lanes for bowling, comfortable seating and great prices on drinks and hot meals. Boasting Hoegarden as well as three other beers on tap, popular cocktails and food including pizza, chicken wings, salmon nuggets and more, this place is great for events large and small.

- Centrum Sdružení taoistického tai chi, Haštalská 11/790: The International Association of Taoist Tai Chi was founded by Mister Moy Lin-shin back in 1970 in Toronto as an NGO to help others. It spread throughout Canada and then around the world. The first Czech group started in 1992 and all the instructors and organizers are volunteer members of the association. They offer classes for beginners as well as advanced students.

- Contours fitness pro ženy – Národní, Národní 25 and Florenc, Biskupský dvůr 6: With two locations in Prague 1, Contours fitness is a gym exclusively for women boasts 30 minute circuit training. This circuit combines aerobic exercises on high quality machines designed for the female body and offers trainers that will help all women reach their ideal body shape.

- Expreska Praha Národní, Mikulandská 122/4: A gym offering circuit training, consultation with a trainer, an explanation of the various machines and nutrition advice. They also offer a special course specifically aimed at burning belly fat.

- Plavecký bazén Tyršova domu, Újezd 450/40: Offering a five-lane 25 meter long indoor pool with a depth of 1.5 – 2.5 meters and a temperature of 26° C. The oldest swimming pool in Prague has the capacity for 40 people and hour.

- Squash Haštal, Haštalská 20: This squash hall offers more than the fast-paced racket game of squash, but also fitness and cardio zone, badminton, martial art sports, netball and a sauna. It is open from 7:00 – 22:00 Monday – Thursday, 7:00 – 21:00 on Friday and 9:00 – 21:00 on weekends.

Prague 2:

- Expreska Praha Jiřího z Poděbrad, Slavíkova 15: Another branch of the Expreska gym described in the Prague 1 section.

- Kickbox klub Kosagym Vinohrady, Vinohradská 1789/40: Their website describes Kosaym as a modern martial arts club focused on all the routes which emerges from kickboxing, a very versatile and diverse sport. They offer it as a competitive sport but also a recreational activity under the guidance of professional coaches. It has been open since 2003.

- Spinning Arena, Myslíkova 28: This venue offers much more than just spinning classes. There is a gym, pole dancing studio, yoga classes, Pilates, Zumba, a sauna and a solarium. Pole dancing has become increasingly popular as a sport for fun or weight loss for women of all ages, shapes and sizes.

- Studio Karma Yoga, Korunní 25: Studio Karma Yoga offers a variety of different yoga classes including seminars, weekend and holiday trips full of yoga, Chinese medicine therapy and massages.

Prague 3:

- Boulder V Síti, Bořivojova 104: This boulder bar offers over 70 trails with 5 different difficulty levels. With a 260 m2 of climbing space and 3,000 holds on the wall, the venue welcomes beginners as well as advanced climbers. It also boasts a variety of exciting beers on tap.

- Hit Fitness Flóra, Chrudimská 2b: A small yet welcoming gym popular among international students as well as locals, Hit Fit is a unique underground gym with plenty of treadmills and weight lifting machines. They also offer a bunch of aerobics classes including spinning and yoga and they even have several squash courts.

- MTV Fitness Praha 3, Na Rovnosti 13a: With two other branches in Prague 10 and Prague 9, MTV fitness offers a gym, aerobics classes as well as a nail salon and a cosmetic studio.

- TK Spoje Praha, Na Balkáně 990/21a: This large complex offers a range of sports from tennis, judo, Muay Tai, basketball and much more.

Prague 4:

- Aikido Michal Židlický, U Habrovky 2: A studio offering the unique sport of Aikido, a Japanese martial art form and defense technique based on the laws of circles and spirals. The primary aim of the sport is spiritual development of the individual.

- ČUS – Plavecký stadion Podolí, Podolská 74: A well-known swimming hall that hosts a lot of sports events but also offers it’s indoor and outdoor pools for recreational swimming. The venue also offers a fitness studio and rehabilitation services.

- DDM Praha 4 – Hobby centrum 4, Bartákova 1200/4: This center for free time activities offers anything from dance to language courses as well as hosting camps for children. The space has events for people of all ages, from preschoolers to retired seniors.

- Eagles Praha, Pálkařská 225: The Eagles club offers baseball, slow pitch and softball for both men and women. It is the biggest and only baseball and softball club in the Czech Republic and hosts competitions. There are also youth program memberships to put to use the largest complex in Europe, boasting five fields.

- HC Kobra Praha zimní stadion, Mikuleckého 1584: A great place to try out of the most popular Czech sports: hockey. With a hockey school, restaurant and a call for young hockey players, HC Kobra is a great place to come to see the sport that Czech’s are so passionate about.

- Jezdecký klub Cholupice, Pod Remízkem: A horse riding club that offers camps, weekend riding adventures, classes for adults and younger riders. With a profile and photos of every horse in the club, Jezdecky Klub Cholupice is a great place to try out riding for the first time or to get back into the saddle.

- SK Oaza Praha, Jeremenkova 106: A sports center offering tennis, volleyball, chess, mini-golf and much more. Whether you want to try out a new sport and come for a more relaxing day of chess or a fun mini-golf outing, SK Oaza is the place to go.

- Sportovní areál HAMR Braník, Vltavanů 1542: A sports center that offers badminton, beach volleyball and others. With the possibility to rent out inline skates and to get a new net for your racket, HAMR is a great place to burn off those Christmas cookies.

Prague 5:

- Aquapark Barrandov, K Barrandovu 8: Aqua Dream is a great for a day full of water fun as well as wellness. With a 25 meter longswimming pool, slides for small children as well as adrenaline loving adults, this aqua park is a great way to spend the day and forget about the cold winter weather.

- Centrum Třešňovka, Pod Třešňovkou 234: One of the only places in Prague to try out some curling as well as the better known sports of badminton, beach volleyball, gold and table tennis. Offering group lessons and a nice pub to drink that well-earned beer afterwards.

- Contours fitness pro ženy – Anděl, Na Zatlance 4: Another branch of the gym described in the Prague 1 section.

- Expreska Praha Anděl, Ostrovského 253/3: A branch of the gym described in the Prague 1 section.

- Lezecké centrum SmíchOFF, Křížová 1018/6: With 331 trails and a range of difficulty, the 2,000 m2 space boasts a wall that’s 14 meters at its lowest points and 15.5 meters at its highest. They offer climbing lessons for all ages and levels.

- SC Radotín, Ke Zděři 1111/21: This club offers football, athletics (running) as well as bowling. Whether you want to play recreationally or try to join the leagues, SC Radotin is a unique place to have some fun.

- Spinning Radlice, Radlická 298/105: This venue lives and breathes spinning and has specialized instructors to motivate and train you.

- Sportovní klub Motorlet Praha, Radlická 298/105: A venue surrounded by beautiful green nature offering a large swimming pool, with divisions in football, swimming and modern gymnastics.

- Squash a fitness centrum Arbes, Arbesovo náměstí 753/15: A venue offering a gym, sauna, solarium, massages and a cosmetic studio that specializes in squash. Come try out this fun racket sport and if you get a hang of it, Arbes also hosts a squash league.

Prague 6:

- Aikidó Praha – Sekai Dojo, Křenova 11: Another venue to try out the Japanese martial arts form of Alkido offering classes and seminars on this unique sport.

- Arha, studio zdraví a relaxace, V. P. Čkalova 26: A health and relaxation studio offering courses for both adults and children. Tai chi and Kung Fu for children and courses for the entire family, and yoga, Chi Kung ,Tai chi and more for adults.

- Beachclub Strahov, Chodecká 1230: A place to play beach volleyball, football and relax in a sauna. With an opportunity to become a member of a football or volleyball club as well as just renting out the court for a one-off game.

- Contours fitness pro ženy – Bělohorská, Bělohorská 126: Another branch of the gym described in the Prague 1 section.

- Česká zemědělská univerzita v Praze, U Kruhovky 1275/1:

- Expreska Praha Řepy, Nevanova 1050/11: A branch of the gym described in the Prague 1 section.

- HC Hvězda Praha, Na Rozdílu 1/752: An ice skating rink that offers ice skating for the public as well as a training ground for professional skaters and hockey players.

- Squashcentrum Strahov, Vaníčkova 6: A sports center focused on squash. They offer classes with trainers, a pool and a sauna, massages and a sports bar. They also have a squash league.

- Stadion mládeže, Na Kotlářce 1: A sports center that boasts 5 squash courts, 2 aerobic halls, a 175 m2 gym, one rock climbing gym, a spinning hall and 2 bowling lanes.

Prague 7:

- Bowling Radava, Milady Horákové 37: A bowling place with 6 lanes that offers the space for work parties as well as hosts tournaments and bowling leagues.

- HC Sparta Praha, Výstaviště 67: An ice hockey club where you can learn more about the game and stats of current teams.

- Mystic skatepark Štvanice, Štvanice 944: A skating part for experienced and beginning skaters. They also have a store where they sell everything that a skater might need. They also host skating competitions.

- TK Sparta Praha, Za Císařským mlýnem 2/1115: A tennis club that offers tennis courses as well as trains professional athletes and hosts tournaments.

Prague 8:

- Aquacentrum Šutka, Čimická 848/41: An aqua park, regular swimming pool and a wellness center. The aqua park has two large slides that are 74 and 75 meters long. There is a wild river ride, a fountain, a kids pool, hot tub and a relaxation pool.

- DDM hl. m. Prahy, Karlínské Spektrum, Karlínské náměstí 7: The ‘house’ for children and youth in Prague offers educations or sports courses for children up to 4 times a week as well as camps for children and families. They also organize events for youth up to 25 years old.

- Fit 2B, Lodžská 850/6: A gym offering group lessons, a solarium, person trainers, a diagnosis of the body as well as the popular vacushape sessions.

- Softballový klub Joudrs Praha, Dolákova 1: A softball club with teams of various ages.

Prague 9:

- Aquacentrum Letňany Lagoon s.r.o., Tupolevova 665: The Lagoon is a fun little aqua center with a large pool for swimming, one slide and play areas. You can rent out water toys and relax in the sauna or go to the 200 m2 gym afterwards.

- Expreska Praha Černý Most, Kučerova 725/7: A branch of the gym described in the Prague 1 section.

- ICE Arena Letňany, Tupolevova 669: An ice arena that offers more than just hockey halls and publish ice skating. There is also a fitness center, aerobics hall with indoor cycling as well as an ‘ice’ restaurant.

- Kickbox klub Kosagym Horní Počernice, Štverákova 2777/22: A branch of the club described in the Prague 2 section.

- MTV Fitness Praha 9, Freyova 25: Another branch of the gym described in the section for Prague 3.

- Plavecký areál Hloubětín, Hloubětínská 80
: A swimming hall with two indoor and one outdoor pool and swimming classes including aqua ballet. There is also a gym and tennis courts.

Prague 10:

- Expreska Praha Strašnická, Na Hroudě 28: Another branch of the Expreska gym described in the Prague 1 section.

- HC Slavia Praha, Vladivostocká 1460/10: A hockey that trains club members and hosts tournaments.

- MTV Fitness Praha 10, Jabloňová 11: Another branch of the gym described in the section for Prague 3.

- Sokol Kolovraty, Do Hlinek 427: A football club that hosts tournaments as well as trains professional players.

- Sportovní areál Hamr Štěrboholy, U Školy 430 and Záběhlice, K Vodě 3200/3: Two more branches of the sport center Hamr mentioned in the section for Prague 4.

- Zimní stadion USK Praha – Hasa, Sámova 1476/1: A hockey stadium that offers ice skating for the public.

Free Sports Week Prague "Týden sportu zdarma" (only in CZ)

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