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Prague Rugby Tours have been organising events for touring teams since 1995. Throughout that time there have been countless teams from across the world travelled to Prague to get experience Czech rugby. The company have hosted teams from the UK, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Lebanon, Russia, Austria, Germany, and the US. Rugby tours are becoming ever more popular as a means to either prepare for the upcoming season or to let off some steam after a challenging season. In the UK, many teams began touring in other parts of Britain but as international travel has become cheaper and cheaper, more teams are looking abroad to experience rugby in another country. Claire Dognini took charge of Prague Rugby Tours in November 2011 and has not looked back since. Throughout this time she has been able to perfect the system providing successful rugby tours time and time again.

The Czech Republic is a developing country when it comes to playing rugby, the progress is slow as the game develops so quickly in places like the UK and France. However, the game is developing out here. This means that grass root club teams (1st teams all the way through to Veterans) have a great opportunity to travel to Prague and meet like-minded Czech players while drinking good cheap beer, eating great food and taking in how beautiful Prague is as a city. All after the rugby is finished of course. The main clubs in Prague are Sparta Prague, Slavia Prague and Tatra Prague. These are the teams touring sides usually face, however Prague Rugby Tours is doing a lot to work with as many clubs as possible in an effort to bring the Czech rugby community together.

Prague Rugby Tours continue to organise various events and tournaments such as; Prague 7’s, Prague RL 9’s and University Challenge to name a few. With events for all kinds of occasions, Prague Rugby Tours have got their hands full but seeing the hard work come off is a satisfying end to hosting any tour or event. The company are currently in the process of organising and hosting two rugby tournaments at RC Arc Luridica, on March 26th the Easter tournament will take place followed by a pre-season tournament on September 17th. Prague Rugby Tours will for the first time be holding an international Touch Rugby Tournament on May 28th. This is an exciting new venture for the company which they hope to expand on annually. It will involve a kid’s tournament in the morning followed by an adult’s competition in the afternoon and will no doubt be a fun day for the whole family.

The company have many more events they wish to deliver to the rugby community here in Prague. 2017 is set to be another exciting year for the company as they organise another Easter Tournament for April 15th, International Touch Rugby for May 27th, International 7’s for August, a Pre-season Tournament and finally a University Challenge Tournament – date TBD.

Also keep an eye out in the future as Prague Rugby Tours looks to create its own 7’s and 15’s (Rugby Union) sides to take part in these tournaments. These teams will represent Prague both at home and abroad in tournaments across Europe, they will be open to anyone living in Prague and all anyone has to do is email the company at [email protected] for further information. This truly is an exciting time for Prague Rugby Tours as they look to continue their fantastic work and bring about a real rugby community here in Prague.

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