Do Prace Na Kole – Bike to Work Competition

Discover the benefits of biking (or walking) to work

Do Prace Na Kole is a friendly competition that aims to motivate as many people as possible to use a bike as a regular urban means of transportation. For a 6th consecutive year, over 25 cities and towns across the Czech Republic will participate in this month long event.

The ‘competition’ will place during the month of May and is organized by the independent NGO, Auto*Mat. You don’t need to be a biker to participate: walking, running and skating to work are also welcome. The main point is to ditch cars and other motorized vehicles.

The motivation behind this event is that if people switch to traveling via non-motorized vehicles, they will not only save money and improve their overall health but they will also help reduce pollution. The fewer cars are on the road, the fresher the air and the fresher the air, the healthier the people: it’s that simple.

Last year more than 7,000 people participated in this great event. They noticed several benefits of using alternative transportation: an improved physical condition, mood and work relationships. You don’t have to be competitive to join, but there are several categories that you can compete in.

Do Prace Na Kole is a team competition for individuals but also companies or institutions. Teams consist of two to five members and they can compete in the following categories: regularity, performance, cyclo-employer of the year, cyclo-measure and creativity.

The regularity category is self-explanatory; it’s about the frequency of going to work on a bike. If you go by bike every day, you have a great chance of winning! Performance is a distance competition for individuals so if you live close to work but still want to compete: take some ‘long-cuts’ around the city or a detour in a park or forest.

The Cyclo-employer of the Year award will be given to the employer that offers the best conditions for their employees to cycle to work. This could mean a variety of things including but not limited to a sufficient amount of bike racks, locker-rooms to store biking equipment/clothes and showers.

Brains are just as important as brawn in this competition. Cyclo-measure will be awarded to the team with the best suggestion on how to improve the infrastructure for bikes or pedestrians. The final award, creativity, is for those who find a way to make cycling creative. This could be through photography, videos, an essay, blog posts, a comic strip or poem.

Learn more about the competition and sign up your friends or colleagues here (Registration is open till April 30th, 2016)

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