Races (Running) in Prague

Fun and competitive running in Prague and a list of May races

Over the years, Prague has become a popular location for various races and marathons attracting runners from around the world. RunCzech is the top organizer of marathons including the Volkswagen marathon, Mattoni half-marathon and the Birrel gran prix.

The Volkswagen marathon weekend will take place this upcoming weekend. Prague will witness a 10,000 runners race through the city covering 42 kilometers of ground. RunCzech organizes shorter races as well, including 5 and 10 kilometer races.

Prague also hosts the Spartan Race, and this race is not just about running. Considered to be the worlds best obstacle race, the Spartan Race takes place in various cities in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Obstacles include mud pits, barbed wire fences and jumping over fires.

Světluška & the Color run are also among the most popular races in Prague and have high numbers of attendees. But there are also many smaller ones that are worth checking out.

You can find a comprehensive list of May races below:

Tuesday, May 3rd:

Urban Running Competition: Enjoy a 5 – 10 km run taking place from 18:15 – 22:00 at Černomořská 3, Praha 10. Organized by the Hip Running Club, Hip has an innovative concept of a club combining athletics, an art gallery and a social meeting point.
JAK: Take it easy with a 4.6 km run for women (starting at 18:00) and men (starting at 18:15). Organized by Sabzo, a popular running club in Prague.

Wednesday, May 4th:

Vítkov Race: A 10 km race for men and women starting at 19:00. The park had a great view of the city and the WLR Team that organizes the rice, donates a lot for the Autism cause.
Olympian Spring Run: Starting at Za Císařským mlýnem 1063/5, Praha 7, 170 00 the event will take place between 15:00 and 21:00. The race is organized by Běžecké Nadějé and will be through the beautiful Stromovka park and will be 5.63 km long.

Saturday, May 7th: 

Metropole Run: The 4th annual run will start at 10:00 in Prague 8. Organized by Czech BIGMAN, the prestigious club that accepts runners who finish the race as club members.
2 Mile Self-Transcendence Race: This short 3.7 km race is perfect for beginner runners who just want to practice their running and get some exercise
. This easy race is supposed to be run with a smile and will take place at Stromovka starting at the specific time of 9:07.

Sunday, May 8th:

Volkswagen Marathon Prague: The full on 42.2 km run will start at Staroměstské náměstí at 9:00. Organized by Run Czech, this race isn't one that you sign up for without long months of training.

Tuesday, May 10th:

Prokopské údolí Run: This 6.8 km run will start at 19:00 in Prokopské údolí. The beautiful valley is located in Prague 5.
ČSOB Hostivař Run: The 10 km run for men and the 5 km run for women will take place at Golf Hostivař. You can find out more on the event Facebook page.

Thursday, May 12th: 

Čedok Race: The short 3.7 km race will start at 18:00 in the beautiful Krčský forest. This race is part of the Sabzo cup.

Saturday, May 14th:

Halda 2016: This race is for everyone – runners, cyclists and people of all ages. Taking place in the central park in Prague 13: you can bring your family and even a pet.
The Race for the Mayor's Cup: Also known as the run for the Újezd owl, the 5.5 km race starts at 9:00 and is great for young children and old veterans alike. The race will take place in Prague 9, Újezd nad Lesy.
The Prague 10: Organized by Bonbon, the 10 kilometer race will start at approximately 10:00. The run will take place in Prague 6 at Obora Hvězda and will start by the summer palace.

Sunday, May 15th:

Run and help a shelter: Go for a run and do something good. The short 4 km race will take place in Stromovka and all proceeds will help elderly handicapped dogs. Find out more about the organizers here.

Wednesday, May 18th:

The Forrest-Park Run: The 7km run will take place in Hostivař, staying at 18:00.

Thursday, May 19th: 

The Spring Pub-to-Pub Run: Take a short 3.5 km run starting at the Labutě lake in Krčský forrest in Prague 4. Race between pubs and enjoy some exercise combined with beer.

Saturday, May 21st: 

Color Run: The 5km color run takes place in 3 Czech cities annually. The Prague race will take place in Bohnice and will start at 11:00 and 15:00.
ŠUTR54: For the second year in a row, the Trail Run will have an 18 km course that can be run once, twice, thrice and even four times.

Wednesday, May 25th:

LOAP PBT Run: Monthly races are organized with 5 km and 10 km options. For the 6th year in a row, Branik will be the starting point of the race that starts at 19:00.
The Veteran 5: Starting in Prague 10 at 19:00 and 19:30, the 5 km race will take place at the ASK Slavia Prague stadium.

Thursday, May 26th:

Krčská 12: Organized by SABZO, the race starts at 18:00 and is a total of 12.5 km with 3.1 km segments.

Saturday, May 28th: 

The Evening 10: The 10 km evening run starts at 17:30 at Plechárna Černý Most. The run will be a lot of fun but will also reward everyone who participates. There will also be an after-party to blow off steam after the race.
The Divoká šárka: The 20 km race for men and 10 km for women will take place in the popular park. Organized by AVC Praha, the race will start at 10:30.
6 & 12 Hour Self-Transcendence Race: The race will start in Stromovka park and will be 6 or 12 hours long.

Sunday, May 29th:

Run for Paraple: The 4,000 meter run through Letna park will follow the route on this map. The run starts at 16:00 and is only 4 km long.
Jarov – Károv Run: The steep 3 km run up a raised elevation of 150 meters will start at Jarov.
KTRC Trail: The 5.5 km or 11 km run will start at 10:00 at Jezdecká, Praha 5-Strahov.

Tuesday, May 31st:

NESS Spring Run: With a 3,000 CZK prize, the 5 km (or shorter) race will start at 18:00 in the Hostivař park.

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