Fight for Central European Cricketing Glory

Central Europe Cup @ Vinoř Cricket Ground from 3rd to 5th June 2016

National teams from the Czech Republic, Estonia and Switzerland will compete for the Central Europe Cup Trophy in 50-over format of cricket. The Central Europe Cup will be played at Vinoř Cricket Ground from 3rd to 5th June. The tournament is organized by Českomoravský kriketový svaz and co-financed by our partners hl. město Praha and CDK Global. All spectators are welcome to join, entrance is free and there will be a bus service running from Prague city centre and Vinoř to the ground.

Czech Cricket

The first cricket match in the Czech Republic was played in 1997. The main body, Českomoravský Kriketový Svaz, was set up in 2000 to drive forward the development of the game. Currently there are 13 teams and around 300 players active in the Czech Republic. In 2015, the Czech team hosted Poland, Malta and a Swedish team in the Central Europe Cup, where Poland came out as overall winners in a closely fought competition.

Central Europe Cup (CE Cup)

National Teams from Estonia and Switzerland will be travelling to compete in this trilateral series that will be played in the 50-over format. Each team will have 300 balls (50x 6 ball ‘overs’) or 10 ‘outs’ to score as many runs as they can in their innings. The team that scores the most from their innings will win. The winning team will score 2 points and the losers 0. If the game is tied then both teams will get 1 point.

“We would like to invite everyone to come and watch the games at the Vinoř Cricket Ground. Entrance is free and refreshments for spectators will be available. Each innings is expected to last around 3.5 hours, so around 7.5 hours in total with a break at half-time. There will be a bus service available to take spectators to Vinoř Cricket Ground from the centre of Prague,“ says Chris Pearce, Chairman and Development Officer of the ČMKS.

Schedule of the CE Cup
03.06.2016 10:30am start Estonia vs. Switzerland
04.06.2016 10:30am start Czech Republic vs. Estonia
05.06.2016 10:30am start Czech Republic vs. Switzerland

Czech Team

The Czech national cricket team, nicknamed the Lions, is the team that represents the Czech Republic in international cricket matches since 2006. Its international tournament debut was in 2008 and since then the team has participated regularly in international events, including the tournaments organised by the European Cricket Council.

Estonian Team

The noble game first commenced in Estonia during the year 1998 when an Estonian businessman returned from a trip to Australia obsessed with cricket and was determined to make a success of it in his native country. The national team made their international debut in 2009. Among their main successes belongs e.g. second place in a Division 3 Europe tournament, held in Slovenia in 2010.

Swiss Team

Cricket has been played in Switzerland since at least 1817. Swiss team hosted the first tournament for European affiliate members in Zuoz in 1997, the European Nations Cup. The best result of the national team was achieved at European Cricket Council Trophy in 1999 when the players reached the semi-finals. 

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