Gambrinus Liga Schedule 2004/05

An approximate guide to the new season's Czech first division football fixtures

Prague's big two football teams, Sparta and Slavia, attempt to reclaim the Czech championship from Baník Ostrava when the new soccer season begins in August.

At the other end of the table, disgraced Synot, now known as Slovácko, will try to avoid relegation despite starting the season with a 12-point disadvantage, punishment for their part in a major match-fixing scandal.

The draw for the new season has already been made, providing a rough guide to when and where teams will meet over the course of the season.

Please note, though, that this is just a loose outline rather than a definitive timetable. Exact kickoff times have yet to be set and, in our experience, games can be rescheduled and postponed, often with little notice, for any number of reasons.

For up-to-date information, please check the Czech press or the official ČMFS site.

Home teams are listed first.

1st Round
Weekend of August 7th, 2004
Marila Příbram vs. Opava
Slovan Liberec vs. Chmel Blšany
Tescoma Zlín vs. Slavia Praha
Sigma Olomouc vs. České Budějovice
Baník Ostrava vs. Teplice
Sparta Praha vs. Slovácko
Mladá Boleslav vs. Jablonec
Brno vs. Drnovice

2nd Round
Weekend of August 14th, 2004
Jablonec vs Baník Ostrava
Drnovice vs. Sparta Praha
Slovácko vs. Sigma Olomouc
Teplice vs. Tescoma Zlín
Opava vs. Mladá Boleslav
Slavia Praha vs. Slovan Liberec
České Budějovice vs. Marila Příbram
Chmel Blšany vs. Brno

3rd Round
Weekend of August 21st, 2004
Jablonec vs. Drnovice
Slovan Liberec vs. Marila Příbram
Tescoma Zlín vs. Chmel Blšany
Sigma Olomouc vs. Slavia Praha
Baník Ostrava vs. České Budějovice
Sparta Praha vs. Opava
Mladá Boleslav vs. Teplice
Brno vs. Slovácko

4th Round
Weekend of August 28th, 2004
Slovácko vs. Jablonec
Teplice vs. Drnovice
Opava vs. Baník Ostrava
Slavia Praha vs. Brno
České Budějovice vs. Mladá Boleslav
Chmel Blšany vs. Sparta Praha
Marila Příbram vs. Tescoma Zlín
Slovan Liberec vs. Sigma Olomouc

World Cup Qualification
September 8th, 2004: Netherlands vs. Czech Republic

5th Round
Weekend of September 11th, 2004
Jablonec vs. Teplice
Drnovice vs. Slovácko
Tescoma Zlín vs. Slovan Liberec
Sigma Olomouc vs. Marila Příbram
Baník Ostrava vs. Chmel Blšany
Sparta Praha vs. České Budějovice
Mladá Boleslav vs. Slavia Praha
Brno vs. Opava

6th Round
Weekend of September 18th, 2004
Teplice vs. Slovácko
Opava vs. Jablonec
Slavia Praha vs. Drnovice
České Budějovice vs. Brno
Chmel Blšany vs. Mladá Boleslav
Marila Příbram vs. Baník Ostrava
Slovan Liberec vs. Sparta Praha
Tescoma Zlín vs. Sigma Olomouc

7th Round
Weekend of September 25th, 2004
Jablonec vs. Slavia Praha
Drnovice vs. České Budějovice
Slovácko vs. Opava
Sigma Olomouc vs. Chmel Blšany
Baník Ostrava vs. Tescoma Zlín
Sparta Praha vs. Marila Příbram
Mladá Boleslav vs. Slovan Liberec
Brno vs. Teplice

8th Round
Weekend of October 2nd, 2004
Opava vs. Teplice
Slavia Praha vs. Slovácko
České Budějovice vs. Jablonec
Chmel Blšany vs. Drnovice
Marila Příbram vs. Mladá Boleslav
Slovan Liberec vs. Brno
Tescoma Zlín vs. Sparta Praha
Sigma Olomouc vs. Baník Ostrava

World Cup Qualification
October 9th, 2004: Czech Republic vs. Romania
October 13th, 2004: Armenia vs. Czech Republic

9th Round
Weekend of October 16th, 2004
Jablonec vs. Marila Příbram
Drnovice vs. Opava
Slovácko vs. České Budějovice
Teplice vs. Chmel Blšany
Baník Ostrava vs. Slovan Liberec
Sparta Praha vs. Slavia Praha
Mladá Boleslav vs. Sigma Olomouc
Brno vs. Tescoma Zlín

10th Round
Weekend of October 23rd, 2004
Slavia Praha vs. Opava
České Budějovice vs. Teplice
Chmel Blšany vs. Slovácko
Marila Příbram vs. Drnovice
Slovan Liberec vs. Jablonec
Tescoma Zlín vs. Mladá Boleslav
Sigma Olomouc vs. Brno
Baník Ostrava vs. Sparta Praha

11th Round
Weekend of October 30th, 2004
Jablonec vs. Chmel Blšany
Drnovice vs. Slovan Liberec
Slovácko vs. Tescoma Zlín
Teplice vs. Slavia Praha
Opava vs. České Budějovice
Sparta Praha vs. Sigma Olomouc
Mladá Boleslav vs. Baník Ostrava
Brno vs. Marila Příbram

12th Round
Weekend of November 6th, 2004
České Budějovice vs. Slavia Praha
Chmel Blšany vs. Opava
Marila Příbram vs. Teplice
Slovan Liberec vs. Slovácko
Tescoma Zlín vs. Drnovice
Sigma Olomouc vs. Jablonec
Baník Ostrava vs. Brno
Sparta Praha vs. Mladá Boleslav

13th Round
Weekend of November 13th, 2004
Jablonec vs. Tescoma Zlín
Drnovice vs. Mladá Boleslav
Slovácko vs. Baník Ostrava
Teplice vs. Sigma Olomouc
Opava vs. Slovan Liberec
Slavia Praha vs. Marila Příbram
České Budějovice vs. Chmel Blšany
Brno vs. Sparta Praha

World Cup Qualification
November 17th, 2004: Macedonia vs. Czech Republic

14th Round
Weekend of November 20th, 2004
Chmel Blšany vs. Slavia Praha
Marila Příbram vs. Slovácko
Slovan Liberec vs. Teplice
Tescoma Zlín vs. České Budějovice
Sigma Olomouc vs. Opava
Baník Ostrava vs. Drnovice
Sparta Praha vs. Jablonec
Mladá Boleslav vs. Brno

15th Round
Weekend of November 27th, 2004
Jablonec vs. Brno
Drnovice vs. Sigma Olomouc
Slovácko vs. Mladá Boleslav
Teplice vs. Sparta Praha
Opava vs. Tescoma Zlín
Slavia Praha vs. Baník Ostrava
České Budějovice vs. Slovan Liberec
Chmel Blšany vs. Marila Příbram

16th Round
Weekend of December 4th, 2004
Marila Příbram vs. České Budějovice
Slovan Liberec vs. Slavia Praha
Tescoma Zlín vs. Teplice
Sigma Olomouc vs. Slovácko
Baník Ostrava vs. Jablonec
Sparta Praha vs. Drnovice
Mladá Boleslav vs. Opava
Brno vs. Chmel Blšany


17th Round
Weekend of February 26th, 2005
Drnovice vs. Jablonec
Slovácko vs. Brno
Teplice vs. Mladá Boleslav
Opava vs. Sparta Praha
Slavia Praha vs. Sigma Olomouc
České Budějovice vs. Baník Ostrava
Chmel Blšany vs. Tescoma Zlín
Marila Příbram vs. Slovan Liberec

18th Round
Weekend of March 5th, 2005
Jablonec vs. Slovácko
Drnovice vs. Teplice
Tescoma Zlín vs. Marila Příbram
Sigma Olomouc vs. Slovan Liberec
Baník Ostrava vs. Opava
Sparta Praha vs. Chmel Blšany
Mladá Boleslav vs. České Budějovice
Brno vs. Slavia Praha

19th Round
Weekend of March 12th, 2005
Slovácko vs. Drnovice
Teplice vs. Jablonec
Opava vs. Brno
Slavia Praha vs. Mladá Boleslav
České Budějovice vs. Sparta Praha
Chmel Blšany vs. Baník Ostrava
Marila Příbram vs. Sigma Olomouc
Slovan Liberec vs. Tescoma Zlín

20th Round
Weekend of March 19th, 2005
Jablonec vs. Opava
Drnovice vs. Slavia Praha
Slovácko vs. Teplice
Sigma Olomouc vs. Tescoma Zlín
Baník Ostrava vs. Marila Příbram
Sparta Praha vs. Slovan Liberec
Mladá Boleslav vs. Chmel Blšany
Brno vs. České Budějovice

World Cup Qualification
March 26th, 2005: Czech Republic vs. Finland
March 30th, 2005: Andorra vs. Czech Republic

21st Round
Weekend of April 2nd, 2005
Teplice vs. Brno
Opava vs. Slovácko
Slavia Praha vs. Jablonec
České Budějovice vs. Drnovice
Chmel Blšany vs. Sigma Olomouc
Marila Příbram vs. Sparta Praha
Slovan Liberec vs. Mladá Boleslav
Tescoma Zlín vs. Baník Ostrava

22nd Round
Weekend of April 9th, 2005
Jablonec vs. České Budějovice
Drnovice vs. Chmel Blšany
Slovácko vs. Slavia Praha
Teplice vs. Opava
Baník Ostrava vs. Sigma Olomouc
Sparta Praha vs. Tescoma Zlín
Mladá Boleslav vs. Marila Příbram
Brno vs. Slovan Liberec

23rd Round
Weekend of April 16th, 2005
Opava vs. Drnovice
Slavia Praha vs. Sparta Praha
České Budějovice vs. Slovácko
Chmel Blšany vs. Teplice
Marila Příbram vs. Jablonec
Slovan Liberec vs. Baník Ostrava
Tescoma Zlín vs. Brno
Sigma Olomouc vs. Mladá Boleslav

24th Round
Weekend of April 23rd, 2005
Jablonec vs. Slovan Liberec
Drnovice vs. Marila Příbram
Slovácko vs. Chmel Blšany
Teplice vs. České Budějovice
Opava vs. Slavia Praha
Sparta Praha vs. Baník Ostrava
Mladá Boleslav vs. Tescoma Zlín
Brno vs. Sigma Olomouc

25th Round
Weekend of April 30th, 2005
Slavia Praha vs. Teplice
České Budějovice vs. Opava
Chmel Blšany vs. Jablonec
Marila Příbram vs. Brno
Slovan Liberec vs. Drnovice
Tescoma Zlín vs. Slovácko
Sigma Olomouc vs. Sparta Praha
Baník Ostrava vs. Mladá Boleslav

26th Round
Weekend of May 7th, 2005
Jablonec vs. Sigma Olomouc
Drnovice vs. Tescoma Zlín
Slovácko vs. Slovan Liberec
Teplice vs. Marila Příbram
Opava vs. Chmel Blšany
Slavia Praha vs. České Budějovice
Mladá Boleslav vs. Sparta Praha
Brno vs. Baník Ostrava

27th Round
Weekend of May 14th, 2005
Chmel Blšany vs. České Budějovice
Marila Příbram vs. Slavia Praha
Slovan Liberec vs. Opava
Tescoma Zlín vs. Jablonec
Sigma Olomouc vs. Teplice
Baník Ostrava vs. Slovácko
Sparta Praha vs. Brno
Mladá Boleslav vs. Drnovice

28th Round
Weekend of May 21st, 2005
Jablonec vs. Sparta Praha
Drnovice vs. Baník Ostrava
Slovácko vs. Marila Příbram
Teplice vs. Slovan Liberec
Opava vs. Sigma Olomouc
Slavia Praha vs. Chmel Blšany
České Budějovice vs. Tescoma Zlín
Brno vs. Mladá Boleslav

29th Round
Weekend of May 28th, 2005
Marila Příbram vs. Chmel Blšany
Slovan Liberec vs. České Budějovice
Tescoma Zlín vs. Opava
Sigma Olomouc vs. Drnovice
Baník Ostrava vs. Slavia Praha
Sparta Praha vs. Teplice
Mladá Boleslav vs. Slovácko
Brno vs. Jablonec

World Cup Qualification
June 4th, 2005: Czech Republic vs. Andorra
June 8th, 2005: Czech Republic vs. Macedonia

30th Round
Weekend of June 11th, 2005
Jablonec vs. Mladá Boleslav
Drnovice vs. Brno
Slovácko vs. Sparta Praha
Teplice vs. Baník Ostrava
Opava vs. Marila Příbram
Slavia Praha vs. Tescoma Zlín
České Budějovice vs. Sigma Olomouc
Chmel Blšany vs. Slovan Liberec

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