City has plans to open up more of the waterfront

Pedestrian and bike paths are planned for both sides of the Vltava river

Prague has plans for extensive renovations along the Vltava waterfront to make it more useful for pedestrians. Improvements will come to Rašínovo nábřeží, Braník, Císařská louka and Dětský ostrov, among other places.

In the center of the city the waterfront is already open to people but in the outlying areas access is more difficult.

Some Kč 25 million will be earmarked for new benches and other furniture, hygiene facilities, and repairs to sidewalks and roads, according to Prague Deputy Mayor Eva Kislingerová. New benches could appear on Rašínovo nábřeží in the second half of next year. Some 11 benches may appear there but in total the city plans to add 200 riverside benches.

New permanent hygiene facilities will also be built on the waterfront near Palackého náměstí to replace the portable ones now in use. Construction is already in progress in one of the areas in the embankment wall. Work along the area should be finished in April 2017.

Funds will also go toward improved connections of the paths near the former Braník ice house. The city hopes to build a bridge where the waterfront there is divided by an inlet, however the Institute of Planning and Development (IPR) says such a bridge would be problematic as it would be expensive and also run counter to the current land use plan. A better plan according to the IPR would be for bike and pedestrian paths to go around the existing buildings.

The left bank of the Vltava should also see changes. A study commissioned by Prague 5 should be finished at the end of the month. The plan will not have specifics but will divide the waterfront into zones. Císařská louka will be for recreation, while Dětský ostrov will be for children. The area near Barrandov Bridge, which is somewhat abandoned, will be developed as well. In total there should be 10 zones.

In the near future it should be possible to bike or walk from Barrandov to Újezd in Malá Strana. In the long term is should be possible to walk to Císařský ostrov in Prague 7 and from there get to Prague Zoo.

Prague 7 would also like to improve public access to the Holešovice embankment. They are taking inspiration from the waterfront development in Prague 8 on the other side of the river, which now attracts a lot of people. Prague 7 in particular want to open up the area near Libeňský Bridge with a new lawn, a playground and possibly new trees. Improving other areas will require negotiations with private land owners.

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