Prague 5 may build ski slope

The district would need to acquire several pieces of private property

The Town Hall of the Prague 5 district is looking at the possibility of building a ski slope in Motol on land next to an auto campground. Some of the land for the slope belongs to the city, and other parts are private property with existing buildings. When the slope will be built, if at all, is not clear, according to district Deputy Mayor Lukáš Herold (ODS) and council member Pavel Richter (TOP 09).

The same hill had a ski slope in the past, and some columns from the original ski lift are still in place. Deputy Mayor Herold said that acquiring the land was key to the project. Another factor is if the weather makes skiing in Prague realistic.

He added that both Prague 5 and private developers want to create more sporting opportunities in the district, but are not agreement on how to do so. They are in talks on how to move forward.

Opposition leaders claim that the proposed slope is just another pie-in-the-sky idea that will likely never happen, like a proposed Ferris wheel. Former Prague 5 deputy mayor Lukáš Budín (SZ) said the ski slope would mainly benefit private parties.

Prague 5 in June 2016 proposed building a Ferris wheel next to the Vltava river, but the plan was widely criticized for not fitting in with the skyline and for mainly benefiting private companies. In the end, Prague 5 signed a contract for the construction of the wheel, but the plan is still opposed by Prague Mayor Adriana Krnáčová (ANO). The mayor says the city has better tourist attractions and does not need a Ferris wheel on the waterfront.

Local residents who already use the waterfront are divided on the idea of the Ferris wheel. Conservationists oppose the idea. So far, there is not a consensus of opinion on the ski slope project, as it was just announced. Winter sports are a big industry in the Czech Republic, with skiing being a popular attraction in several mountain areas such as Krkonoše, Šumava and Krušné hory.

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