Czech Baseball season starting

Eagles play the Nuclears in Krč on March 31 and Kotlářka Praha facing Tempo Titans Praha on April 1

The competitive baseball season in Prague starts Friday, March 31, at 7 pm in the Krč baseball and softball fields (Areál SK Krč Praha). Prague is home to three of the 10 top league clubs.

Eagles Praha will be playing a home game against the Třebíč Nuclears. The Eagles promise spectators a rich side program in addition to the game.

Beer and baseball are seen as a natural combination in the US, and that tradition is also true in the Czech Republic. Some beer will be available free to fans, Eagles manager Jan Drábek said.

He would like to see baseball become a family event, with groups of people coming out together to see games live in a festive atmosphere, with lots going on aside from the game. Fans can talk to each other and hopefully there won't be any conflicts, as baseball is a laid back sport.

Matěj Hejma, who hit the most runs for the Eagles last year, told Pražský deník that he is in better condition, especially in his legs, and is hoping his team would make it to the top this year, unseating Draci Brno. “I feel good. I want the title,” he told the daily. The Eagles started playing baseball in 1981, and in 1988 had their best year, winning titles in baseball, men's softball and women's softball.

There are 10 teams in the baseball Extraliga. Three teams are based in Prague, and aside from the Eagles there are Kotlářka Praha and Tempo Titans Praha. These two teams start their season April 1, playing together with Tempo Titans as the home team. Kotlářka will have its first home game April 8 against Draci.

Kotlářka, which topped the league in 2015, will be relying heavily on veteran Petr Síla, who holds the national record for stolen bases. Some other veteran players have left or are out due to injury. New coach Michal Müller said this created an opportunity for younger players. Kotlářka has its origins in the early 1980s as a student softball team.

The Tempo Titans' pitcher Jake Rabinowitz hails from New York. He said the league has a lot of great batters, and he can't make mistakes. The Titans have been back in the top league since 2012, after having been relegated in 2009. The club's history goes back to 1988.

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