City plans to clean up swimming areas

The water quality in natural ponds is to be monitored and improved

The city wants to clean up natural swimming places. Next year the first measures will be introduced to limit pollution and improve conditions so that people can cool off in the summer safely in a natural setting.

Prague environmental officer Jana Plamínková told daily Pražský deník that the city wants to have good water quality in natural bathing spots such as Džbán and Hostivař as well as in ponds to attract people to swim. There are dozens of such places in the city that could be opened for public use.

This year the city will conduct an analysis of swimming spots to track the level of pollution and where it comes from. Based on that, researchers will develop plans to deal with the pollution.

The city could start taking action next year, especially where the pollution source is already known. At Hostivař water comes from a wastewater treatment plant. Improving the water quality would require cooperation with the Central Bohemia region, as some of the water comes from outside the city.

The problem with wastewater is that it contains high levels of phosphorous and nitrogen, which feed blue-green bacteria that can cause skin rashes and stomach troubles. This bacteria has been a particular problem in Hostivař and the pond at Šeberák.

The city currently has six natural bathing places but more could be opened in the future. The Prague 4 district is hoping to re-open an area in Lhotka, which closed in 2012. Kyjský rybnik in Prague 14 could also open for swimming.

Džbán in Divoká Šárka in Prague 6 and Hostivař in Prague 15 are the most popular spots, followed by Šeberák in Prague 4's Kunratice.

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